Familiar Technologies: Aspen HYSYS, Ansys

Regions of the world you have worked: No expereince

Resume: Hardworking chemical engineer enthusiastic about learning new processes. Incredibly motivated with a strong work ethic. Wonderful leadership abilities and adept to working under pressure.


University of Tulsa
B.S. Chemical Engineering
GPA: 3.627


◦ Process Design
◦ Microsoft Office
◦ Ansys


◦ Leadership
◦ Communication
◦ Organization
◦ Time Management


◦ Team Captain of the Tulsa Women’s Volleyball Team
◦ Ultimate Team Member Award at the University of Tulsa
◦ Wilbur L. Nelson Award in Chemical Engineering
◦ American Athletic Conference All-Academic Team
◦ The Society of Omega Chi Epsilon


Process Component Design Project

• Designed and compared alternatives for a pressure relief handling system for an ammonia production facility
• Sized a pressure relief valve that could handle a given overpressure situation
• Designed a flare system, water catch tank, and a scrubber system
• Calculated total capital investment costs and the equivalent annual operating cost (EAOC) for each alternative to compare the Net Present Values for a 10-year project

Mass Transfer Design Project

• Proposed a design that would produce 15,000 metric tons/year of a 99.9 mole % acetone stream
• Used HYSYS to design a separations train that included a cooler, valve, flash separator, compressor, absorber, mixer, pump, and distillation column
• Determined the internals of the distillation column and studied the effect different number of stages had on the column diameter and the EAOC

Development of Process Controls Lab

• Assisted my professor with designing course material for a new application of process controls course
• Ran a distillation column through open loop step response changes and analyzed the data to determine controller tunings to program a feedforward controller
• Provided feedback to my professor to create supplemental material for students to help them better understand the lab