Familiar Technologies: Brine Water, Bentonite mud systems, polymer mud systems, and oil base mud. Microsoft Office experience. Mud Pro and Mudman software experience.

Regions of the world you have worked in: Permian Basin, Midland Basin, Delaware Basin.

To provide the best service possible. Make my employer happy that they hired me. Grow as much as possible in the job.
Buckeye Inc.
Drilling Fluid Engineer- 9/14 to Current
 Manage all drilling fluid operations: building, maintaining, testing drilling fluid, and managing product inventory.
 Managing rig personnel for drilling fluid operations.
 Rig up and rig down of fluid transfer systems and backyard.
 Ensuring that the customer is satisfied and informed of all drilling fluid operations.
 Provide daily detailed reports of drilling fluid operations to the operator and other interested parties.
 Knowledge of volumes and hydraulics mathematics is required to complete the work required.
 Nine years of experience tutoring in the Permian Basin.
 Experience with water base, oil base, and polymer mud systems.
 Experience with lost circulation, H2S, water flows, and kicks.
 Worked for the same operator for the last seven years.
 Mud engineer on four of the top 15 most extended laterals in the Permian in 2022.
DFE Tech- Drilling fluids engineering school certificate.
Central Texas College- Studied counseling psychology.
ICDS- Studied Chemical Dependency Counseling.
I am a loyal employee who does what is necessary to complete jobs promptly and safely. I pride myself on being where I need to be when I need to be there and try to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. I get along with most people quickly, and I am respectful of my superiors.

I appreciate your Consideration,
Brennan Orr