Familiar Technologies: HTRI, Aspen Plus, IP21, SAP, Unisim

Regions of the world you have worked: Hyderabad (India), Jamnagar (India), Chicago (USA)

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) – Master of Science in Chemical Engineering May‘23
Transport Phenomenon, Advanced Thermodynamics, Advanced Reaction Engineering
Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur– Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering May’18
Fluid Mechanics, Mass and Heat Transfer, Adv. Heat Transfer, Process Equipment Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Master’s Thesis – Molecular Modelling of Lithium Salts in the Binary Mixtures of EC and EMC Jan’22 – May’23
• Constructed Li-ion electrolytes using Packmol and equilibrated using AIMD and Classical MD simulations
• Interpreted the electrochemical experimental data by analyzing the structural properties
• Analyzed electrolyte structures using radial distribution function (RDF) and structure factor analysis with TRAVIS.
• Collaborated with a team of researchers to design and optimize electrolyte materials.

Final Project (UG) – Removal of dye from water using Orange peel and magnetic nanoparticles Jan’18 – May’18
• Effective adsorption of impurities like dyes from effluent water by using nanoparticle and orange peel powder
• Synthesized nano-particle adsorbent by co-precipitation using dried orange peel powder & iron oxide.
• Characterized the adsorbent using XRD, BET, UV-vis Spectrophotometer and pH meter to get physical properties.
• Adsorption efficiency of orange peel powder was less compared to nano particle by 7% but a sustainable option.

Reliance Industries Limited – Jamnagar, India
Process Engineer (Gasification unit) Jul’18–May’21
• Worked on maximizing utilization, product efficiency & root cause analysis
o Retrofitting of steam drum upstream super-heater flapper resulted in an efficiency uptick of 8%
o Improved sulfur absorption by 10% in the product by making shift changes in use of catalysts.
o Proposed management of change (MOC) of total condensate water downstream from ETP to Cooling tower
o Implemented a safety improvement by installing condensate pot in KODs LT, thereby reducing false alarms.
• Developed all Heat exchangers efficiency model using HTRI software for monitoring and analysis purpose
• Experienced in data centered parameter validation on Foxboro DCS systems & PLCs
• Performed alarm rationalization by analyzing the daily alarm reports and reduced false alarms by 30%
• Proficient in utilizing MS Visio to review and update Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to ensure interconnectivity of plant systems, resulting in improved operational efficiency
• Experienced in HAZOP and SIL process safety reviews, with a track record of identifying and mitigating hazards
• Proven ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth and efficient plant operation
• Implemented and enforced comprehensive safety protocols, resulting in zero major safety incidents
• Conducted JCC (job cycle check) and revised SOPs for improvement of process KPIs and equipment safety

Summer Intern – Efficiency Calculations of Cooling Tower in Alkylation May’17– Jul’17
• Thorough process study, P&ID comprehension, and understanding of utility line interconnectivity.
• Developed a detailed methodology to assess cooling tower efficiency considering factors like air flow rates and WBT
• Researched cooling tower water treatment and addressed untreated water concerns effect on process

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory – Distillation Column and Cooling Tower Piping in Solvent Recovery System May’16
• Performed hydraulic simulations for detailed pressure analyses across the system and calculated NPSH of pump
• Analyzed data for predicting and identifying key parameters influencing fluid behavior and thermal performance
Characterization Techniques: XRD, SEM, BET, UV-vis Spectrophotometer
Software Tools: Ip21, Aspen Plus, HTRI, MATLAB PACKMOL, TRAVIS, Ubuntu
Miscellaneous: SAP (ERP, EAM), MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, and Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt
• One of the top 3 members amongst 85 students in the “Summer Internship Program” conducted by Reliance Industries
• First place in a case presentation for the HTM campaign in the category “could be disastrous yet saved”
• Publicity team for AXIS’15, driving event promotion and executed “DEXTER” an aptitude test for boosting event