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Familiar Technologies: air compressors, core holders, haskel pumps, toluene, chloroform,helium, nitrogen, soxhlet extractors, vacuum and convection ovens for sample drying, rock milling machine, XRF scout analyzer, core porosimeter , microsoft office suite

Regions of the world you have worked: primarily the US but I have analyzed rock samples from around the world and from the deepwater environment

Resume: Nancy M. Voss

Geoscience analyst with laboratory and core data experience. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, Outlook,
Word and PowerPoint. Familiar with Excel VLOOKUP, TIBCO Spotfire, and IHS Enerdeq browser.

Lab Technician Houston, TX
Chemostrat Labs August 2017 – present
● Sample prep responsibilities include: disaggregation of rock samples, sieving, milling, pelleting, solvent(toluene)
washing, lith washing , centrifuging, and drying samples in oven at various temperatures.
● Analytical responsibilities include: Measuring samples for FTIR, Scout XRF, submersion density, and Xepos XRF
● Before each shift I review and verify protocols and priorities with supervisor
● Once a job is completed, I email raw data to QC team and save to the network with correct folder naming
● All instruments are calibrated before using and QC standards are run during analysis to ensure quality.

Petrotechnical Intern Houston, TX
BP March 2017 to April 2017
● Responsible for two Spotfire projects during the internship.
● Interacted and collaborated with broad functional groups to gather technical input on each project
● The first project was to gather and input offshore GoM production data into Spotfire for enhanced visualizations of
daily, monthly, and yearly forecast and gross data.
● The second project was to gather NPT(non production time) GoM data into Spotfire for an enhanced
visualizations to better analyze well execution risk based on historical NPT trends.

Sr. Geological Technician Houston, TX
EOG Resources January 2014-August 2016
● Primary responsibility was to manage vendor data from multiple laboratories.
● Coordinated data management, invoice, and logistical distribution for Geochemical analysis.
● Liaison between the project geologists and core storage repositories (CGG in Schulenburg TX) to ensure shipment
is accurate and timely for core workshops.
● Gathered and re-organized the archived Petrophysical Core Analysis database. Including gamma ray logs, box
photographs of slabbed core, thin section photomicrographs, x-ray diffraction (XRD), mercury injection capillary
pressure (MICP), permeability and porosity (P&P), shale rock properties (SRP) or crushed sample protocol, argon
ion milling (AIM) images, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images, and CT scan images.

Data QC Specialist II Houston, TX
Weatherford Labs October 2009- January 2014
● Performed daily tasks in a timely and accurate manner with limited supervision.
● Precisely complied with all requirements of the quality systems manual, operating and technical procedures, and
workplace instructions.
● Promoted data quality assurance by reviewing and extracting raw data generated by the technicians in the Shale lab
and accurately inputting that data.
● Compiled a full data set to include routine analysis, XRD, and geochemical data for internal comparison and submit
for final quality control (QC).
● Data sets include porosity and permeability (P&P) and grain density measurements.
● Performed root cause analysis in the event any anomalies are found.

Project Manager Houston, TX
Weatherford Labs March 2007 – October 2009
● Primary contact for the client once the core arrived in house for analysis.
● Liaison between Sales and Operations by executing protocol from wellsite to website
● Accountable for the initiation, execution, and finalizing of projects.
● Created and submitted lab procedures (protocols) and meet client deadlines.

Data QC Analyst/Lab Technician Houston, TX
Weatherford Labs September 2005 – March 2007
● Reviewed and extracted raw data generated in the Routine Core Analysis lab.
● Compiled a routine analysis report and submitted to my supervisor for final QC.
● Coordinated sample flow through the Dean Stark Lab from cleaning, drying, and P&P phases.

Texas Master Naturalist April 2005
● Attended a full semester course that covered various ecosystems and native plants and animals of Texas.
● Completed 40 hrs of volunteer work mainly consisting of prescribed burns.
● Gained a valuable awareness of environmental impacts and a thorough understanding of stewardship.
Water Quality Monitor October 2001
● Collaborated with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) office
● Traveled to various field locations (bayous, rivers, lakes) to measure BOD, pH, Salinity, and Visibility.
● Submitted field report to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) office.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Ocean & Coastal Resources Texas A&M University-Galveston Spring ‘02
● Significant C oursework: Physical geology , Biological oceanography , DNA fingerprinting , Field methods in
marine sciences , and Wetland delineations.
URtec (Unconventional Resources Technology) Conference San Antonio, TX 2016
I.H.S. Conference at CityCentre Houston, TX 2015
Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists Nautilus 2014
● Attended a lecture and hands-on exercises related to data interpretation, correlation, mapping, and exploration
strategies. Review of physical geology, vocabulary, and methods used by geologists.
Coring and Core Analysis PetroSkills 2009
● Gained the technical skills and information in order to develop a better core analysis program and to manage
existing reserves .