Familiar Technologies: Microsoft Office, PRO/II, ANYSYS Fluent

Regions of the world you have worked: Lake Charles, LA, Frankfort, KY

Resume: Environmental Engineer Assistant I Commonwealth of Kentucky July 2019
• Performs beginning level engineering tasks
• Work under a licensed professional engineer
• Create emissions inventory for different facilities
• Create spread sheets compiling emissions calculations for each unit in the facility
• Apply state and federal regulations as applicable to affected facilities
• Conducted Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analysis for major sources that can cause significant deterioration to the ambient air quality.
• Along with a team of 4, I conducted a Prevention of Significant Deterioration that included a BACT analysis for the construction of a Title V facility in Kentucky.
o This included research into Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and the control devices best fitted for the reduction of VOC for the designated units. An economic analysis was done for some of the control devices to find the best feasible control device possible.
Assistant Manager Papa John’s July 2017 – Aug 2018
• Manage and rectify customer concerns when necessary
• Greet and interact with customers daily
• Supervise day to day operations
• Ensure the adherence of all cash handling procedures
• Create weekly work shifts for direct reports
• Maintain inventory and order products for the store
Athlete McNeese Track and Field Aug 2014 – Dec 2018
• Committed 30+ hours weekly to practice and competition
• Participated in several fundraising events for both the track program and the athletic department
• Participated in several volunteer projects that includes building a covered playground and providing sand bags to the neighborhood during hurricanes and/or flooding events
• Lead and organized several high school and middle school track and cross country meets

Educational Experience
Senior Design Projects:
Design of various vessels:
Throughout my design courses we created several reactor vessels, heat exchangers, and distillation columns. This knowledge was later used for larger projects including the two mentioned below.

The research and modeling of heat transfer in ethylene cracking:
The expectations of the project was to gain a higher understanding of the effects of different variables on the ethylene cracking reaction by gathering data derived from a compilation of simulations representing 4 different variables. To achieve the goal I:
• Lead a small team of 4 under the supervision of a mechanical and chemical engineering professor
• Created a working representation of the ethylene reaction using ANSYS Fluent. This consisted of:
1. A single pipe with meshing
2. Chemical reaction data from simulations ran in PRO/II and research data
• Created spread sheets using data derived from a SimSci PRO/II simulation to ensure proper reaction chemistry was used for the Fluent simulations
• Conducted several simulations in Fluent with different independent variables including:
o Coking depth
o Piping material
o Pipe thickness
o Thermal conductivity of coke
We ultimately ran approximately 50 separate simulations and compared our findings with articles of similar research. This project has a duration of 8 months.

The theoretical design of a terephthalic acid plant:
The expectations of the project was to create a theoretical terephthalic acid (PTA) plant. This should include a working representation of the plant layout and reaction in PRO/II along with a written explanation including assumptions made, calculation methods, problems and improvements.
• Conducted immense research on the terephthalic acid process
• Created an excel spreadsheet to determine sizes and throughputs for units
• Used Pro/II to model and simulate the design parameters created in excel
• Performed a cost analysis on the entire plant
• Completed a risk analysis for a single reactor
• Duration of project: 2 months

McNeese State University August 2014-December 2018
Bachelors of Science in Engineering
Major: Chemical Engineering (ABET Accredited)
Upper level GPA: 3.2

President’s List Spring and Fall 2015
Dean’s List 2014, Spring 2016, Spring 2018