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Familiar Technologies: Upstream chemicals project management, selection, application, formulation.

Regions of the world you have worked: North America, South america, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean

Global Operations Technical Support Manager for the application of upstream production chemicals with a proven record of delivering effective technical assistance for operations in the Western US. Oversees technical projects for production optimization, flow assurance, and integrity management product lines that deliver solutions for customers. Skilled at working in complex production facilities solving chemical treatment applications and recognized for meeting customer needs. Creates strong working relationships between sales, operations, and product lines. Fluent in Spanish.
CORE COMPETENCIES: Technical Sales/Support, Business Development, Project Management, Product Management/Development/Testing/Application, Product Line Support, Upstream Chemicals, Customer/Account Management, Product Data Sheet, Product Specifications, Technical Reports, System Survey, Chemical Managed Systems (CMS), Production Data, Discharge Requirements, Materials Compatibility, Metallurgy, Elastomers, QA/QC, Management of Change (MOC), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Total Systems Approach (TSA), HSE, Regulatory Group, ASTM, API, OSHA, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), SAP, Clarity, ProClarity, CRM, Microsoft Office

SYNOIL FLUIDS INC. 2016 – 2018
Chemical fracking fluids company engaged in producing hydrocarbons from oil and gas fields.
Upstream Applications Manager
Supported sales and operations in new business for upstream production chemicals in South Texas. Interfaced with customers to arrange field surveys, conduct product testing, development and recommendations, and set up chemical applications. Conducted field trials for products developed on site. Directed a team of 3.
 Replacing competitors’ products was required to obtain a field trial for a customer. Coordinated field surveys and collected information on incumbent products. Worked with new supplier to replace products which worked equal to or better than their products: Customer allowed Synoil to take over the provision of chemical and services for an account worth $150,000 in annual revenue opening the door for accounts worth $1M in annual revenue.
 A customer, Hilcorp, indicated replacing Peracetic Acid (PAA) for treating difficult field emulsions was the condition Synoil had to meet to gain their business. Surveyed field and identified chemical applications, system set ups, and operating procedures. Formulated new products by coordinating product selection and blending with supplier. Replaced PAA: Landed the first account to provide upstream chemicals and services in Texas. Revenues estimated at $47,000 annually.
 Synoil wanted to enter the upstream chemicals market in Texas. Advised management on strategies that would result in customers agreeing to purchase demulsifiers, foamers, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and services. Managed field surveys, product selection, and coordinated ordering, delivery, and distribution of products: Gained a new account worth $35,000 per month.


$5.6B division of GE engaged in drilling wells for oil or gas field operations for others on a contract or fee basis. Includes contractors that specialize in spudding in, drilling in, redrilling and directional drilling.
Global Operations Technical Support Project Manager
Primary product lines advocate for $150M Geomarket. Evaluated support requests from sales and operations for conversion into projects in Western US.
 As technical project manager for BP offshore platforms, met with BP asset chemical, flow assurance, and integrity management teams to discuss production challenges that required chemicals. Coordinated flow of information including scope of work and acceptable test results. Evaluated projects to ensure these were viable for BHI: Successfully addressed challenges maintaining $1.5M account.
 Needed to lower production cost of demulsifiers to improve profit margin by identifying high volume, low profit margin products that were good candidates for solvent replacement. Using SAP and ProClarity, identified potential products and further ensured minimal disruption from product changes: The new products decreased customer costs by 10% and increased profits by 30%.
 A customer asked for a new product that would not freeze in cold weather to be selected or formulated to replace existing product. Consulted with product management for products of similar formulation and determined winterized version of product was available: Therefore, did not have to develop new product, which would have been costly, time consuming and required regulatory approval. Retained $25,000 monthly account.
 Set up technical exchange with QEP so they would be familiar with BHI’s R&D, technical support capabilities, and products to help them meet production challenges: QEP was pleased with exchange and indicated they were giving BHI more business in the region.
 Maximized use of technical resources by identifying projects that provided highest value/return on investment for customer and company. Reviewed timing, financial impact, and overall impact of requests versus available resources: Led to a reduction in unnecessary spending by turning down projects for accounts less than $30,000 per month in revenue in $150M geomarket.

CLARIANT OIL SERVICES, The Woodlands, TX 2003 – 2010
The North American subsidiary of Swiss specialty chemicals maker Clariant AG. Has 41 manufacturing facilities and service centers throughout North America including oil and mining services.
Technical Representative, Application Specialist
Provided technical support for sales operations in US, Canada, Caribbean and South America by formulating and applying demulsifiers and water clarifiers. Interfaced with customers to manage chemical field trials both onshore and offshore. Managed chemical application for 500K BOPD NGO asset.

Bachelor of Science, 1990