Familiar Technologies: Aspen Plus, MATLAB, Excel

Regions of the world you have worked: Houston


-University of Houston, Houston, TX Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Minor in Mathematics

-Houston Community College, Houston, TX Associates of Science


– Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium modeling of methane-ethane system
– Created model using Peng-Robinson cubic equation of state on MATLAB.
– Created Pressure vs Composition diagrams at different temperatures.
– Discussed the theory behind the use of the Peng-Robinson equation in Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium.

– Senior Design project
– Designed a gas-phase polyethylene plant producing Linear Low-Density Polyethylene.
– Worked in a team to design a process flow diagram with energy and material balances.
– Provided equipment sizing and health, safety, and environmental issues for designed plant. – Used Aspen Plus to simulate and optimize process to produce best economic results.

-Swimming Pool Design
– Included pump specifications that were found from calculating head loss. – Calculated flow rate throughout the system.
– Design included piping layout and sizes, fittings, and cost.


-Sylvan Learning Center, Sugar Land, TX – Upper Mathematics Tutor
– Tutor students individually and in small groups.
– Tutored all levels of math up to calculus and finance.

-Houston Community College, Houston, TX -Mathematics Tutor
– Effectively explained fundamental mathematics up to Calculus.
– Coordinated schedules in order to provide tutoring to many students. – Worked effectively with students with different learning levels.


– Aspen Plus, MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint