Familiar Technologies: Tech 1, oilfield chemical cost calculator
Tech 2, injection rate calculator
Tech 3, SANDAID sand control design

Regions of the world you have worked: Facilities Worked include but not limited to the following:

 Ogbogu Flow station, OML 58 – Total Onshore Asset.(land)
 FSO Unity, OML 100 – Total Offshore Asset.(offshore)
 James Town FPSO – Agip Energy.(offshore)
 FPSO Mystras – Agip Energy.(offshore)
 Izombe flow station – ADDAX Petroleum(land)
 FPSO KNOC ADOON, Okwori FPSO, Mimbo, Akam, Ebughu, TMMP – ADDAX PETROLEUM.(offshore)
 Nigeria Agip Oil Company Land Area ( Idu, Oshie, Akri flowstations, Kwale gas plant)
 Nigeria Agip Oil Company Swamp Area (Brass terminal, Tebidaba, Klugh Creek, Obama, Ogboinbiri flow stations. (swamp)
 ExxonMobil Qua Iboe Terminal (QIT), Ibeno, Eket.(land)
 Total E&P Offshore Congo – YANGA, TCHIBOELA, SENDJI and DJENO Terminal.
 Armada Perkasa FPSO – AFREN/AMNI Petroleum Resources.(offshore)
 Cliff Langley – AMNI Petroleum.(offshore)
 Espoir FPSO – Offshore Cote d’Ivoire ( Ivory Coast) – CNR.
 FPSO PERDANA OML 120 – OYO Field – ENI/ALLIED Energy.(offshore)
 Olero Creek – Chevron Nigeria Limited(swamp)
 Agbara Drilling and Production platform – Agip Energy and Natural Resources, AENR
 ABO Field – Nigeria Agip Exploration, NAE.(deep offshore)
 CONOIL – Auntie JuliePlatform (offshore)
 CONOIL – Mr P. Platform (offshore).
 MONIPULO Petroleum – offshore Agbani Barge (Offshore).
 SNEPCO Bonga FPSO (Offshore)
 Shell Sea Eagle FPSO (Offshore)
 Shell Forcados Terminal
 AFREN MOPU – EBOK (Offshore).
 PERENCO Gabon.

Resume: Capabilities (Production Chemistry);

 The evolution of production chemistry as a technical discipline has been driven by the need to inhibit the problems that occur when the natural properties of produced hydrocarbons and water are combined with extraction and processing methods.

 A strategic thinker with sound technical/scientific knowledge of offshore and onshore production processes, production chemistry/ chemicals, microbiology and corrosion, flow assurance including wax and asphaltenes mitigation, separation, hydrates, topside chemicals, water injection chemicals sub-surface chemical treatment, produced water management, environmental studies, corrosion studies/mitigation.
 Knowledgeable in production chemistry aspects from sub-surface, topside, flowline to export; monitoring chemical vendor, chemical costs, and contracts, planning and troubleshooting studies.

Excellent track record in demulsifier and pour point depressant formulation/application/monitoring. Other production chemicals includes, but not limited to Antifoams, asphaltene inhibitors/dispersants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, deoilers, drag reducers, flocculants, flow improvers, hydrate inhibitors, hydrotest chemicals, scale dissolvers, scale inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, H2S Scavengers, water control treatments, water injection chemicals, wax inhibitors/dispersants.

 Providing added value throughout the oil and gas life-cycle – from field development, extraction, processing, transportation and refining.

 Dedicated to providing a comprehensive service including problem assessment, solution identification, validation and treatment monitoring for optimum technical and commercial performance.

 Chemical management services, the objective being continuous improvement, measured against a number of key performance indicators and always in the context of the Total Cost of Acquisition and Added value.
 Providing ground-breaking technology that will sustain output from existing mature provinces.

 Experience in many oil and gas producing regions in Nigeria Niger-Delta, Ivory Coast, Congo and Angola.