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Familiar Technologies: C++, MATLAB, Excel, CMG, Microsoft Office Suite

Regions of the world you have worked: Texas

Resume: Education
The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA
Bachelor of Science (ABET accredited), Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Graduation: May 2018

Fulcrum, LLC Dallas, TX
Construction Project Risk Analyst June 2017 – August 2017
• Performed complex risk analysis of construction projects for Fulcrum clients – lenders, financial institutions, equity investors, owners and developers.
• Observed and recorded construction progress on offsite construction projects for single family and commercial projects using a variety of metrics.
• Prepared construction progress reports, budget trackers, and other technical documents.

Shell Oil Company Houston, TX
Summer Engineering Intern June 2011
• Shadowed engineer’s daily routine associated with maintaining an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
• Toured Deer Park Refinery to gain insight into refinery processes and system.
• Became acquainted with the organizational structure of a large oil & gas corporation.
• Prepared and presented report for Shell employees about experience during the internship.

Petroleum Engineering Design Capstone Over the course of three semesters, worked with four other students to strategize how best to develop a shale gas field. Through use of IMEX software and petrophysical data, the viability and profitability of each well in the field was determined. The project was broken into three different phases; estimation of recoverable hydrocarbon, drilling, and production.
Reservoir Modeling Worked with three other students to determine if wells in a gas field that had been out of production for some time could still be profitable. Through use of IMEX software on CMG, different water flooding patterns were simulated to see if any of the wells in the field would produce viable hydrocarbon. Several trials were conducted, and a water flood pattern was chosen that most increased the production of hydrocarbons in all of the wells in the field.

Surface Production Engineering Developed knowledge of hydrocarbon behavior through use of different equations of state
Principles of Well Testing and Evaluation Learned the mathematical basis of pressure analysis and evaluated the meaning
of different pressure results
Energy Economics Gained insight as to how economic markets are affected by the transformation of
the energy industry

• Experience with Microsoft Office – Word and Excel
• Familiarity with MATLAB
• Programming experience using C++
• Working knowledge of CMG
• Strong communication skills – both listening and presenting
• Superior ability to think critically and creatively

Organizations and Leadership
Delta Gamma Fraternity September 2013 – May 2017
• Completed 20 hours of volunteer work in and around the State College community each year from 2013 to 2017.
• Helped organize and execute various philanthropic events each semester.
PanHellenic Recruitment Counselor September 2015
• Consulted, informed, and assisted Potential New Members in the recruitment process for Penn State’s sorority system.
• Guided 30 women in matching with the sorority that most aligned with their values and academic goals.
THON Rules and Regulations Committee September 2016 – February 2017
• Volunteered in a committee for the world’s largest student-run philanthropy (THON).
• Regulated and enforced all rules determined by the host venue during the event for attendees/participants