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Familiar Technologies: DS, ES, PS, Quality & Assurance, Compliance.

Regions of the world you have worked: North America: Rockies, southeast, southwest, west Texas, south texas, Alaska, arctic seas.

Global: Permian Basin Texas, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia.
Resume: My whole life has been spent in the oil and gas industry.  Working in the oilfield is a legacy handed down from generation to generation in my family.  My grandfather worked in several different capacities in the Southern Oklahoma oilfield, my father was a petroleum engineer and drilled directional oil wells all over the world and I have worked as a mud engineer and compliance specialist.  My life a as a father has forced me to do anything that was necessary to support my son since the slowdown in 2016, however, my true passion and talent are in the oilfield.


Sierra Hamilton- Drilling Fluids Specialist, Workover and Production Specialist

Consultant Feb 2017-Present

This year I’ve worked in Texas and Alaska for Halliburton while consulting for Sierra Hamilton. My work has been drive by, 24 hour, and turnkey. I have a thorough knowledge of Wellsight express and the processes put in place for doing business with Halliburton’s customers. I also do recaps for all wells, and expect meticulous record keeping. There is not a service that Baroid offers that I have not done while working for them.

Bodine –Scott HVAC service Technician                                                                                    May 2016-Feb 2017

As a transitional career, I attended a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) school in Austin and received certifications for working as an HVAC technician.  My responsibilities include service calls and problem solving on any type of HVAC unit currently in the residential market.  Detailing each job description, maintaining inventory data and organizing/cleaning company and personal equipment is part of my daily routine.  My communication skills have helped me be recognized for excellent customer service.  My work ethic has gained me recognition for producing results no matter the environmental conditions. My responsibility is solely performance based.

Mud Tech- Drilling Fluids Specialist/ Workover and Production Specialist/ Compliance Specialist Consultant                                       Feb 2012-Jan 2016

North Slope Work:  Alpine, Kuparik, Point Thompson, Deadhorse

I worked in a workover and production specialist for MI-SWACO on the north slope. I worked for a variety of different companies because of my flexibility and ease of working in any situation. I was relied upon as a trouble shooter for any project that was having issues.

Shell Arctic Project

Shell Drilling Fluids Engineer Consultant.  This job required 24/7 real time on site decisions.  These decisions varied widely including decisions pertaining to properties and chemical processes of specialized fluids in drilling operations.   A few of my responsibilities included on-site supervision and training of new mud engineer personnel, accurate and diplomatic communication with all levels of management and personnel in the field and office.

Compliance Specialist.  As a compliance specialist, my responsibilities included 24/7 real time on site decisions.  These decisions pertained to properties and environmental regulations during arctic drilling operations.

Royal Dutch Shell Arctic Project Kulluk Conical Drilling Vessel:

VIGOR Shipyard – Seattle, WA.

As the Kulluk was being prepared for operations in the Arctic Ocean, many parts of the vessel had to be categorized to insure the safety of employees and comply with the environmental impact for drilling in a new location.  Locating and verifying all possible discharge lines and sampling ports was a taxing, but necessary part of my work.  As I verified all the parts of the vessel, my charge was also to write the Standard Operating Procedures for discharge and catch tanks for the Kulluk per the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.  These had never been written for Alaska drilling and needed to be developed.  Using Royal Dutch Shell Arctic Drilling requirements. I also interpolated the best management practices (BMP) for Alaska.  My responsibilities also included gathering, interpreting, reporting and defining data per the agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The training for collecting, recording and reporting the EPA data was developed and conducted by me.

Beaufort Sea.

It was my honor to be selected to be the lead compliance specialist aboard the Kulluk for the entire drilling season of 2012.

Dutch Harbor

After the Kulluk was crushed in a weather accident on its trip from Alaska to Washington,  Shell engineers asked me lead teams of employees to accomplish goals, these goals included locating the wreakage,  engineered paths for the salvage company to the areas needing cleanup and assisted in identifying useable goods to be off loaded from the wrecked vessel.  My team worked with all Shell/salvage personnel to label waste being loaded onto the Clamouth Barge for environmentally correct disposal.

Shell Arctic Project: Transocean Polar Pioneer Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (April 2014 – October 2015):

Westcon Shipyard in Norway

My charge in this location was to work with the current crews of the Polar Pioneer to understand the discharge schematics of the platform.   My responsibilities included the development and implementation of trained personal on the engineering dynamics of the Polar Pioneer for the Shell Environmental Group. The current crew of the Polar Pioneer lacked some of the knowledge needed to complete the schematics of the platform.  Also, environmental requirements on the rig in Norway are not as rigid as in the United States.  Therefore, I was still tracking the 13 discharge systems when the Polar Pioneer was loaded on the Blue Marlin Heavy Lift for transport to Singapore, Malaysia.

Keppel FELS, Singapore, Malaysia

As I continued my quest to trace and confirm the flow paths for the 13 discharge lines.  I assimilated work packs for the project team from Transocean Project Team, which included my findings.  Daily inspections were conducted to assure all work was done according to our permit requirements.   After having already written the BMPs for the Kulluk, I developed the best management practices (BMP) per Shell Arctic Drilling requirements and the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the Royal Dutch Shell Arctic Drilling campaign for the Polar Pioneer.  Local Work Instructions (LWI) were a necessity for the crew to follow when getting ready to discharge any waste, so I devised a template and instructions to provide exact instructions.  On-site supervision and training of four new compliance engineer personnel was part of my mission.  Also included in my responsibilities was accurate and diplomatic communication with all levels of management and personnel in the field, office and government agencies.

LaBuan, Malaysia

All the schematics on all systems were finished on the vessel and assured drilling could commence as soon as drilling platform reached its well site.

Seattle, WA

My responsibility in WA was to coordinate, oversee and check the team that ordered, unpacked, separated and loaded materials needed for the Polar Pioneer’s successful drilling season in the Chukchi Sea.   After the  Polar Pioneer left WA, I returned to duty in Dutch Harbor Alaska and rode it through the Bering Straight and to the Chukchi Sea.

Chukchi Sea

It was my privilege to be given the responsibility of compliance specialist for the drilling season.   The Shell/MiSWACO/Schlumberger team drilled a successful hole in the Chukchi Sea.  The hole was logged and Royal Dutch Shell Arctic Project was eliminated.

Dutch Harbor to Port Angeles, WA

The Polar Pioneer traveled from Alaska through typhoons and treacherous weather.  During my ride, I was responsible for gathering, writing, vetting and proofing all information for the end of well report to be submitted to the EPA for the 2015 drilling season.

Anchorage, Alaska

I was asked to continue and complete the documentation and the Environmental Protection Agency’s End of Well report.  Disseminated and recorded tested chemicals and discharges for the 13 LWIs on the Polar Pioneer data were required and reported.  The reports were turned in on time and correct.

DNB Resources- Mud Engineer Consultant Rocky Mountain Region.                       May 2011-Feb 2012

Drilling Fluids Engineer.  I was responsible for 24/7 real time on site decisions, as needed, pertaining to properties and chemical processes of specialized fluids in drilling operations.   I was responsible for on-site supervision and training of new mud engineer personnel.  My responsibilities included accurate and diplomatic communication with all levels of management and personnel in the field and office.

Baker Hughes International, Colorado Division             September 2007 – February 2009

Drilling Fluids Engineer.  Responsible for 24/7 real time on site decisions, as needed, pertaining to properties and chemical processes of specialized fluids in drilling operations.   Responsible for on-site supervision and training of new engineering personnel.  Responsible for accurate and diplomatic communication with all levels of management and personnel in the field and office.


Junior classification in mechanical engineering for a Bachelors Degree, but not complete.

Associates in Applied Sciences                                                                                              May 2011

Casper College, Casper, WY

Baker Hughes Fluid Engineering School                       November 2007

Chemical Engineering Certification

Handling and Testing Procedures Certification


24 hr Hazwoper

FIT all masks


Transportation Worker Identification Credential:   Expires April 5, 2017

Mi SWACO National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Compliance Certification:  June 2012


Engineer certification, computer skills, decision making skills, verbal and written communication skills, highly loyal employee, and responsible in job performance.