Familiar Technologies: MUD SYSTEMS,
Salt saturated mud,
Potassium mud,
Polymer mud /glycol,
Versadrill Oil Base,
Novadril Synthetics,
Potassium Silicate,
Completion Fluids CaCl2,
Calcium Bromides

Regions of the world you have worked: Houston

Resume: Education
Marshall University, Huntington West Virginia
BBA – Business Administration with Majors in Management & Marketing
Career Development
I have over 25+ years experience on all types of rigs: land, inland barge, jack-ups, drill ships, semi -submersibles, & platforms. 70% of work has been offshore. Water depth in Northwestern Australia exceeded 3,000’+ while working with BP/Phillips 66 exploring wells to 25,000’ with mud weights in excess of 17ppg. I worked for Chevron with diesel and Nova Plus synthetics @ 54 and 90 degree angles in the Gulf of Mexico. I supervised Lake Maracaibo Venezuela operations for Dutch Shell. Most recent work offshore West Australia and Bass Strait followed by land work checking 2-3 land rigs near Pinedale, Wyoming for Ultra Resources. I last worked offshore Gulf of Mexico for W & T.
Opito/Huet provided by MI/Swaco Perth Western Australia ‘05
Advanced Drilling Fluids Seminar Harvey, Louisiana ‘97
Baroid Drilling Fluids and Engineering School Houston, TX ‘74
Magcobar Drilling Fluids and Engineering School Houston, TX ‘72

2008/present Consultant Hamilton Engineering, working offshore Gulf of Mexico with W&T. I am currently on standby for Walter Energy in the Gulf of Mexico.
2004/2006 Consultant with MI for Ultra Resources, Pinedale Wyoming natural gas. I consulted for MI/Swaco in Big Piney Anticline gas field. This work was for Ultra Resources out of Colorado.
1999/2004 I developed my own business associated with the operation that I established in Perth, West Australia Eschol Herbs & Wildflowers. I took a rest from the oilfield for personal reason.
1996/1998 MI/SWACO, Harvey, LA. My position was Senior Sales & Service Drilling Fluids Engineer. I did offshore work in the GOM for Chevron, running strictly oil base & synthetics working with Mr. Alex Stewart as Senior Project Engineer.
1993/1995 After a short break for personal reasons took on Project Manager for Dowell Drilling Fluids Lake Maracaibo Venezuela where I managed and supervised operations. The oil base drilling fluid totally enclosed system having the cuttings placed in large containers for shipment to our processing plant for extraction of drilling fluid from the cuttings. I worked with Dutch Shell supervising 9 drilling fluid engineers on a daily bases while in this job capacity & 3 drilling rigs & office staff.
1979/1990 Independent Contractor, Perth Western Australia. Independent work spent 13 years working all over the continent of Australia. Cooper Basin for Santos, North West Shelf for BP, Surratt Basin for Exxon Papa New Guinea for BP, North West Australia for Sydney Oil Bass Strait for Exxon, Perth for WAPET, Northwest Shelf for Woodside, Dolphin Island Bond Petroleum Primary work was for Phillips 66/BP. I established Eschol Herbs & Wildflowers on my days off in Perth, West Australia.
1974/1978 Bariod Drilling Fluids. 1st assignment was Indonesia transferred to Perth, Western Australia. Traveled all over the continent working various operators Sedco/Forex, Woodside, West Australian Petroleum Corporation, and Exxon, also BP/Phillips 66
Worked offshore Sedco 471 & 472, Mearsk Valiant.
1972/1974 Dresser Magcobar Drilling Fluids Engineer. I graduated first in my class. Assigned to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and gained some experience working offshore Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. My first assignment was on the Offshore Pegasus in the Persian Gulf. I worked for Abu Dhabi Oil Company which was Japanese owned at the time.
1968/1972 Ashland Oil Control Lab technician testing asphalts to jet fuels. I was promoted to control chemist by my nineteenth birthday. I did this while attending school at Marshall earning my BBA.