Familiar Technologies: Decanter Centrifuges, Dryer, Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaners, D-silter, D-gaser, Floculation Unit, Solp Treatment Unit, Filtration, Automatic TanK Cleaning, Pumps, Fluid Processing, Water Based Mud, Oil Based Mud, Ultra-Drill.

Regions of the world you have worked: Algeria

Resume: I am currently working as M-I SWACO Equipment Field Service Coordinator, in charge of managing the drilling waste management & solids control services in Algeria. I’ve been working for M-I SWACO for more than 16 years, where I’ve been field engineer and Technical support engineer and currently, Field Service Manager. My Oilfield services experience in Algeria is a serious argument for me, as I am familiar with oilfield customer services with strong background of all the technical and commercial aspects related to different customers. I am customer and service focused person and while acting as Field Service Engineer and technical support engineer, I acquired strong skills in technical problems solving related to field equipment. My field experience and my technical background allow me to deal with all the technical aspects. Being graduated as Mechanical engineer will certainly give me the necessary tools to succeed on the role of international service engineer. I am self-motivated and I gained good communications and interpersonal skills during my work experience where I’ve been working in multicultural environment. New Technology process and equipment implementation challenges have been part of my job for the last years