Familiar Technologies: Synthesized, characterized and applied oilfield chemicals,
analyzing drilling and fracturing fluid properties,
adjust drilling and fracturing fluid performance,
disposing drilling wastewater, oily cutting and oily sludge,

Regions of the world you have worked: Bohai Bay,
North Yellow Sea
East China Sea

Seeking challenging opportunity with an organization where I can utilize my technical skills. I want to contribute to the organization with hard work, sincerity, patience and dedication.

Organic Chemical Products
Analytical Chemistry
Oilfield Waste Treatment
Drilling Fluid and Fracturing Fluid
Petroleum Engineering

• Grasped of chemical engineering processes principles and development technologies
• Experienced in synthesis, characterization and application of polymers
• Strong knowledge of chemical fundamentals
• Skills in using FTIR, SEM, TGA, HPLC, UV-vis, GC, GC/MS, TEM, XRD and DSC
• Outstanding chemical research process abilities
• High laboratory research and analytical skills
• Proficient in analyzing drilling fluid properties via various instruments
• Proficient in the whole process of disposing drilling wastewater, oily cutting and oily sludge
• Familiar with the whole process of petroleum exploration and expoitation

Environmental Engineer CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology Beijing, China
May 2013- Dec. 2014
• Designed the molecular structure of reversible emulsifier as well as synthesized, characterized and applied it for water-in-oil and oil-in-water drilling fluid
• Analyzed the molecular structures of harmful additives (SPNH, SMP)
• Designed the molecular structure of decolorizing agent (PAD)
• Synthesized, characterized and applied decolorizing agent
• Analyzed components of oily sludge and drilling fluid
• Determined environmental parameters of drilling waste, such as BOD, COD and TOX
• Solidified the oily sludge and drilling fluid in oilfield

Drilling Fluid Engineer CNPC Offshore Engineering Company Limited Beijing, China
July 2009- Sep. 2012
• Worked on drilling platform in Bohai Bay, North Yellow Sea and East China Sea for over 10 wells
• Made project plan related to drilling fluid to satisfy the on-site requirements
• Prepared drilling fluid, conducted in-depth analysis of drilling fluids
• Monitored and maintained drilling fluid performance to ensure efficient and safe drilling progress
• Coordinated all fluid system to minimize cost and ensure satisfied customers

Research Assistant West Virginia University Morgantown, WV
Aug 2017-Present
• Studied the structure of supermolecule and its mechanism
• Designed the molecular structure of viscosifier and analyzed its feasibility
• Synthesized and characterized viscosifier and studied its rheological properties

Research Assistant China University of Petroleum Beijing, China
Sep. 2012- July 2015
• Synthesized and characterized filter reducer for synthetic base drilling fluid
• Synthesized and characterized flow pattern regulator and studied its mechanism
• Prepared and optimized synthetic base drilling fluid for deepwater drilling
• Studied the microbial technology for disposing oily cuttings
• Synthesized, characterized and applied selective plugging agent (PLA-21)

M.S Chemical Engineering West Virginia University Aug. 2017-Present
M.S Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering China University of Petroleum July 2015
B.S Chemistry Southwest Petroleum University July 2009

• Qingyang Li, Yan Luo*, Bing Hou. Synthesis and mechanism of flocculating-decolorizing agent PAD used for polymer-sulphonated drilling wastewater. Journal of Residuals Science & Technology, 2016, 13 (2): 135-143.
• Bing Hou, Qingyang Li*, Yan Luo. Synthesis and mechanism of a novel organosilicone used as a selective plugging agent. Journal of Residuals Science & Technology. 2015, 12 (3): 149-155.
• Zixuan Han, Guancheng Jiang*, Qingyang Li. Synthesis and application of novel composites of associative polymers with organically modified montmorillonites in water/oil emulsions. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2015, 89 (12): 2285-2293.
• Zixuan Han, Guancheng Jiang*, Qingyang Li. Application of a novel associative polymer on synthetic-based drilling mud for deepwater drilling. Proceedings. 2014, 2: 4-10.

• Shuixiang Xie, Hao Deng, Rongsha Wang, Yong Yue, Guangquan Liu, Yu Xu, Qingyang Li, Xiaohui Liu, Wen Ren, Peng Liu, Mingdong Zhang, Jingwen Sun, Baoying Wei. Preparation and application method of decolonization for waste drilling fluid. Patent No: CN104310557B.
• Bing Hou, Yan Luo, Qingyang Li, Li Wang, Peng Kong. A selective plugging agent for oilfield and its preparation method. Patent No: CN105273133B.

• Confined Space Rescue
• HAZWOPER (Hazardous waste material operation)
• First Aid and CPR Certified
• Emergency Firefighter Training
• Emergency Helicopter Escape
• Well Control Certificate

• 2015 Excellent Intern at CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology
• 2015 Academic Scholarship for Excellent PhD Candidate
• 2012 Third Academic Scholarship for Master