Familiar Technologies: Emulsion Breaker, Water Clarifers, Scale Inhibitors, Asphaltene Inhibitors, Calicum Napthanates, Scavengers, Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitors, Paraffin control chemicals, Drag reducing agents.

Regions of the world you have worked: Africa

Resume: Objective
• My training and background working with various companies both large and small with successful results will enhance my ability to contribute right away.

• My background in managing supply chain and direct sales teams and working directly with key decision makers will really be a plus in building relationships with key personnel.

• My experience in sales development, in building successful sales programs, strategic planning, negotiation skills, analyzing customer needs, seasonal planning, building key relationships and organizational skills will make me a good fit for your company.

• I am proactive, results oriented, hands on, team player, loyal.

• These are some of the key attributes that I bring along with a hard work, ethic and successful track record.

ACCOUNT MANAGER – Nigeria 2002 to date
Product Line Management and Positioning… Program Development… Business Development….Technical Support Services

Results-driven, Self-motivated, energetic, and innovative sales leader offering practical and progressive career experience driving sales and bottom line revenue improvements for employers and customers. Proven track record developing creative sales plans that achieve market share increases. Thrive on challenging opportunities to develop and execute profitable sales programs, develop long-range sales strategies with key customers, and distribution opportunities.

Technical Support Services Responsibility:
-Production performance evaluation in production/injection for flow assurance.
•Debottlenecking and plant performance tests,
•Facilitate monthly Chemical Management Team, CMT, for Chevron Escravos operations with process and production engineering,
•Design, troubleshoot and monitor chemical applications, which will include selection of chemicals, their application and optimal deployment, and the meeting of legislative requirements. This will be in areas such as oil/water/gas separation, oil in water discharged to sea, foaming prevention, Emulsion treating, H2S Scavenging, Corrosion Inhibition, Asphatenes, Napthanates, completion and packer fluids and Scale Inhibition.
•Play a key role between petroleum, production engineering, well engineering and field engineering for management of surface and subsea facilities.
•Ensure that process-engineering inputs are implemented
•Maintain a system that captures cost saving areas that imparts on Capital and Operating expenditures.
•Managing and supporting a team of eight (15) technical sales field personnel and four (4) blend plant personnel with one Technical support Rep to provide value-added oilfield chemical products and support services to major onshore and offshore oil production and exploration companies with oil production of 450,000 to 600,000 barrels of oil per day, 200,000 to 300,000 barrels of water injection per day and 200 to 450 million standard cubic feet of gas production per day.
* Responsibilities include training, developing plant/system surveys, business reviews, service reports, field trials, recommending and implementing chemical programs and process changes, supporting subordinates and team mates.
* Grew account from $6.5MM to $13MM annual business within three years.
* Hands-on experience with oilfield dehydration equipment; chem.-electrics, heater treaters, GFUs, Spraging vessels, hydro-cyclones, flow splitters, etc
* Supports Global/Local Alliance with customer company.
* Treat crude oil to sales/export quality and specifications, maintaining industry’s highest safety and chemical service standards on 24 oil, water and gas, onshore and offshore production platforms and Terminal operations.
* Work 1-month ‘on’ and ‘off’ rotation schedule offshore/onshore.
* Develop and provide customers with acceptable ROI’s for their investments.
* Control oil and gas pipeline corrosion rate between 0 – 5 MPY.
* Maintain oil and grease content of produced water effluent to regulatory agents’ specifications.
* Team-leadership position for distributorship JV between common interests company.
•Interfacing between various engineering departments i.e. Chevron Lekki and Escravos operations,
•Maintain Chemical inventory control on all Nalco Oilfield chemicals,
•Support Nalco Blending plant product formulation as engineering advisor. This accounts for Nalco’s 60% of on-site chemical usage.
•Maintain best practice work management with Nalco Service Reps and on chemical programs.
•Present business proposal on new development projects,
•Maintain government legislative laws on water disharged to sea by ensuring results are within allowable limits,
•Support Work Management Processes,
•Providing information on facilities and process design to field engineering group.
•Well intervention program.
•Design and application of packer fluids during wells completion programs.
•Well flow back applications/stimulations.
•Escravos gas gathering initiatives for Chevron Nigeria Limited, this including 6 offshore gas facilities, onshore gas processing plant and the $6bn Escravos Gas to Liquid project, EGTL.

Petroleum Engineering B.ENG (Second Class Honours, Upper division CGPA – 3.52)