Familiar Technologies: Siatara Chmicals
Pakistan Ordinance factories
Oil and Gas Development Company limited
Attock oil refinery

Regions of the world you have worked: Pakistan

Resume: Usman Ali
H. No 289 Dhoke Mustakeem
Kohinoor Mills Peshawar Road RWP

Director of Human Resources

Respected Sir

I am writing to apply for a full-time Engineering position. As a senior in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wah (Wah Engineering College) graduating in July 2016, I am very interested in the development of Chemical industry project and have read a great deal about your excellent company and outstanding products. I welcome the opportunity to bring my engineering skills to your organization.

As you can see from my attached resume, I developed my engineering skill through several internships and academic projects. During my internship at Chemical plants, I developed all aspect of a prototype for a newly conceptualized chemical processes or technique

I choose Gas Engineering as a elective course in which I detail study about the following topics
1. Reservoir Searching.
2. Drilling Services.
3. Gas Analysis
4. Gas Treating Process.
5. Gas Transmission Process.

I developed my leadership and interpersonal skills by being an active member of several organizations on the University of Wah campus. As a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, I am in charge of planning meetings, and our departmental activities. I also organize the service activates and motivated members to participate in the service events.

I look forward to learning more about carrier opportunity at your organization.

Thank you for your consideration

Usman Ali