Familiar Technologies: I am a chemical engineer and have been working in Chevron as a Terminal Engineer. I am much interested to work as a Mud Engineer.

Regions of the world you have worked: PAKISTAN


To work as a Mud Engineer.


B.E. (Chemical) Dawood Engg. College
F.Sc. Pre Engineering Karachi
Matric Science Karachi


Logistics Operation Supervisor: July 2007 – Present

Company Industry: Oil/Petroleum
Job Role/Department: Transportation & Operations

The company is among the world’s leading oil companies. Managed a wide variety of terminal operations particularly focused on filling, dispatch and receipt of products to and from the terminal

Job Responsibilities:

• Manage receipt, storage, dispatch of all POL products in a safe, efficient, cost effective and customer focused manner
• Manage the complex nature of operation in such a way that the entire operation be carried out in safe, efficient manner so that the losses are minimized and ensure product is always available to carry out uninterrupted supplies
• Ensure the quality of petroleum products with ISO procedure as per laid down guidelines
• Manage hospitality with other Oil Marketing Companies in exchanging product like Shell, PSO, APL, TPPL, and ADMORE.
• Manage and plan pipeline receipts to avoid stock out situation
• Manage unionized staff efficiently.
• Manage all HSSE matters in line with company policy.
• Supervise maintenance works.
• Manage the operations to such an extent that meet or exceed the requirements of operational excellence.
• Maintain the right balance between customer focus, cost consciousness and care for health, safety & environment through self-demonstration.
• Ensure the quality of petroleum products with QC procedure as per laid down guidelines.


• Recognized by “Area Logistic Manager – PERM” in implementing SAP (PC8) in logistics after Go-Live.
• Successfully manage to implement “Project Olympics” at Keamari Terminal by leading in all transactions.
• Achieved “Best Idea award” during International Safety Week for designing a banner for safety slogan “Got risk! What actions are you taking?
• Got the title of Brand Ambassador by Chevron Brand Manager.
• Designed stickers for the advertisement of TECHRON, HAVOLINE, and DELO which were highly appreciated by Chevron Global Marketing Manager.
• Designed stickers for advertisement campaign “we agree on more things that people might think” that were highly appreciated by everyone.
• Designed stickers for the theme that Havoline and Transformers are always together.
• I was selected in Pakistan Air Force for the course 98 Non-GD SPSCC as a Petroleum Engineer in October 15, 2006.

Internee (Five weeks Training): June 2003 – July 2003

Company Industry: Fuel & Lube Refinery
Job Role/Department: Engineering

NRL is one of the leading oil refineries in Pakistan comprises of three refineries; two lube refineries and one fuel refinery and it is the only refinery producing LBO in Pakistan.

• Underwent five weeks of intensive training across all departments pertaining to all processes of the production of petroleum products.
• Gained comprehensive expertise in atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, de-waxing and production of lube oils.
• Augmented key refinery functions with a view to maximizing industry knowledge and supplementing academic knowledge with practical on field experience.

Key Trainings Attended:

Oil Exploration Certificate Courses: (Upstream Online courses)

(a) Drilling and Well Completion

• Drilling Fundamentals.
• Rotary Drilling Rig Components.
• Drill string, Drill Bits and Drilling Fluid.
• Drilling operations.
• Well Completion Technology.
• Case Histories, Drilling and Completion Programs
• Drilling and Well Completion: References and Additional Information.

(b) Reservoir Management

• Rock and Fluid Properties.
• Natural Drive Mechanisms in Petroleum Reservoirs.
• Improved Oil Recovery.
• Reservoir Simulation.
• Reservoir Management: References and Additional Information

(c) Production Technology

• Well Completions.
• Surface Production facilities.
• Production System Performance.
• Artificial Lift.
• Production Technology: References and Additional Information

(d) Subsurface Environment

• Well Completions.
• Temperature and Thermal Gradient.
• Pressure Environments.
• Fluid Behavior.
• Subsurface Environment: References and Additional Information

Other Trainings: (Safety and Operational Excellence)

• Safe Work Practices.
• Safe Work Practices enforcement
• Qualified Gas Tester
• Process Safety at the facility level
• Loss Prevention System (LPS)
• Impact ERM
• Operational Excellence
• Management of Change.
• Information Protection System
• Incident Investigation Reporting (IIR).
• General Compliance Overview.
• Chevron’s Global HIV/AIDS Policy Trainings for Employees.
• Fire Drill Trainings.
• Tanker Handling Receipt


• MS OFFICE (Windows 98, XP and VISTA)
• Data Entry Operator Training from COMSATS.
• Online courses
• Project Olympic ( SAP Training )
1. Plant Maintenance (Module-I)
2. Inventory Management (Module-II)
3. Physical Inventory management (Module-III)
4. Plant Rack Balancing (Module-IV)
5. Delivery Scheduling For Fuels (Module-VI)
6. BI Report


Language Skill Level
English Expert
Urdu Expert


Father’s Name : Izhar Hussain
C.N.I.C No : 42101-1696456-3
Date of Birth : 28th June, 1981
Passport No : PS6894561
P.E.C Registration No : CHEM / 5879
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Pakistani


To be furnished upon request.


• I am outward in thinking pragmatic in approach & an energetic person. Excellent interpersonal qualities, multi cultural and cross cultural skills, strong analytical and communication skills essential for executing a job.
• Efficiently, find infused in personality, quick learner and like traveling very much.
• An assertive, result oriented mature team player with plenty of confidence and initiatives, highly self motivate, prompt, courteous and professional at all times.
• Enjoy learning new methods and techniques and putting them into daily practices.
• Have good English writing and speaking capability.
• Looking forward to continue career with YOU…