Familiar Technologies: Development and application of Dispersants, Flocculants, Coagulants. Designing of complex cement slurry for oil well cementing

Regions of the world you have worked: R&D, Technical services, QC

Resume: Published 3 SPE papers and Filed 4 patents

Industrial exposure:

1. Halliburton Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2000 company. World leader in providing services to oil and
gas industries.
Designation: Laboratory Technologist II
From July 2007 to Till date.
Job Profile:
• Design cement Slurries as per customer requirement.
• New product development.
• Operation of High temperature and high pressure instruments.
• QC testing of chemical.
• Installation and Maintenance of instruments.
• ISO work. Face and conduct the audits.

2. Aquapharm Chemical Company Pvt Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2000 company manufacturing Organophosphonate, Water treatment polymers, Acetyl chloride,Biocides,Acid chlorides.
Designation: Executive (Technical)
From Oct.2005 to July 2007.

Job Profile:
• Develop new application.
• Visit customers & conduct trials for selection of product.
• Develop new customer.
• Technical support to Marketing department for local & international market.
• Develop new product formulation for different product application.
• Develop new testing procedure for different product application.
• Follow up for trial order.
• ISO work.

An ISO 9001:2000 company manufacturing water treatment Polymers.
Designation : R&D Chemist.
From May 2003 to Oct. 2005.

Job Profile:
• Synthesis and characterization of Coagulants and Flocculants.
• Synthesis and characterisation of Super Absorbent Polymers.
• Scale up of reaction on pilot plant level.
• Project designing and development, Process modification.
• Literature survey.
• ISO Documentation of Design and development.

4. LEEDS KEM Pvt.Ltd
An ISO 9001:2000 Company Manufacturing speciality chemicals such as derivatives of Bromine and Pyridine
Designation: Trainee R&D Chemist.
From July 2002 to Feb.2003

Job Profile:
• Synthesis and Characterisation of 1,3 Cyclohexanedione.
• Analysis by TLC and GC.

Performance Background:

1. Oil field applications:

Developed new biodegradable product as Retarder in cement. Designed two critical CO2 resistance cement slurries for Halliburton Japan and Oman.
Product development as per the requirement of ONGC to meet the performance standards. Synthesis of partially hydrolyzed PAM for shale encapsulation. Performance evaluation by aged viscosity, Calcium tolerance. High temperature stable formulation up to 150 deg.c

2. Paper Industries: Synthesis & Performance testing of coagulant & flocculant for ETP by Jar testing. Retention aid for machine, separation chemicals for fibre recovery for Krofta ,Clarifier etc
Product formulation & performance for Deinking application.

3. Ceramic Industries: Formulate & apply polymer as dispersing agents during grinding.
Develop customer like H.R.Johnson, Regency Ceramic, Nitco etc.

4. Grinding Aid: Develop application of polymer as grinding aid in Calcium carbonate grinding industries, Ferrite industries, Iron Ore industries.
Develop customer like Imreys, Hinodaya Industries, Vaizag steel etc.

5. Water Treatment Industries: Formulation & Performance testing of products
for water treatment industries as scale inhibitor. Handle static & Dynamic
scale inhibition apparatus.