Familiar Technologies: Laboratory analysis, process simulators (ASPEN, Hysys), visual basic, spectrophotometer, pumps, hydrometers

Regions of the world you have worked: Colombia

Resume: Chemical Engineer with excellent abilities to analyze and solve problems. Trained in technological tools as the simulation of chemical process (ASPEN and Hysys). In addition, exceptional partner relationship that facilitates team work.

With knowledge in the catalysis and petrochemical areas, as well as the new use and study of energy. Furthermore, in the area of chemical processes and reactor design. Has been working in Oldfield in the chemical treatment of oil and water, also has technical knowledge in sampling and analysis, performance and suitability of equipment such as pumps, separators, storage tanks, among others.

It has leadership and organizational skills, through participation in a couple of students groups during the study at the university and easily communicates with others due to an international experience during one year when improve two languages (English and German).