Familiar Technologies: Spud mud, Dispersed &LSND Polymer mud,KCL polymer mud, Emulsion mud, Oil base mud,NaCl, CaCl2& KCL Brine (Completion fluid).Salt saturated mud CaCl2 / CaBr2 Brine CaCO3 / (NACL&KCL) Polymer mud,Na/formate, K/formate mud & Na/K formate mud

Regions of the world you have worked: SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT

Resume: I had five years field experience as MUD ENGINEER and I still working till now in Saudi Arabia during that period worked with different contractors and the operator in Saudi Arabia (ARAMCO).
,Increased mud weight up to 160 PCF using Barite &Hematite as a routine work in high pressure/high temperatures zones in Saudi Arabia.
,Participated in Drilling deep wells, (vertical, horizontal), and dual lateral wells.
,Worked as supervisor for completion fluids in completing wells.