Familiar Technologies: have a fluids engineering background, but also have vast experience in all aspects of well planning, AFE and cost/hours planning, regulatory, HSE and logistics.

My fluids engineering background includes all aspects of fluids work. Drilling fluids including Water Based mud, Oil Based mud, Synthetic Oil Based mud, PHPA and polymer based mud systems as well as newer high tech lateral drilling fluids. I have a vast amount of experience in Completions and Interventions & Remediation work, including High Density Completion brines. I have a lot of experience in wellbore stimulation, High Rate Fracturing, and Reservoir Enhancement. I am an expert in problem formations including horizontal drilling and completions, thief zones, underbalance drilling, and stuck pipe prevention and remediation.

My general operation experience includes project planning, AFE and Hours estimation, Logistics, Well Control and Pressure Control. I also have a lot of experience in cementing and specialized pumping operations.

I know threads, pipe, all kinds of tools, wireline and slickline work. I know coiled tubing operations as well as snubbing operations.

My strongest points are all kinds of fluids work, REGULATORY and COMPLIANCE, AFE and project planning.

I have over 20 years of oilfield engineering in all aspects of the job.

Regions of the world you have worked: Some of my geographic experience are Inland waters of Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Land work in Louisiana and Texas including horizontal drilling in Eagle Ford Shale, Buda, and Austin Chalk. I have experience in the Permian Basin, Haynesville Shale.

My offshore work includes DEEPWATER work for Shell, Dominion, Chevron, BHP, BP, ATP, Oryx (Kerr McGee). I have Deepwater Drilling experience on drill ships and production platforms. I habe intervention work experience on TLP platforms and deepwater spars.

Gentlemen, my experience and knowledge covers a vast array of operations under all conditions and in MANY geographic locations.

Resume: I have MANY great recommendations that I can provide and I feel perfectly comfortable in you checking any of them out.