Familiar Technologies: Water Based Drilling Fluid, Oil Based Drilling Fluid, Completion Fluid, Clean up,Formation Damage, Testing of oil field chemicals

Regions of the world you have worked: India,Libiya, Oman, UAE

Resume: I am a post-graduate and Ph.D. in chemistry, with 32 years of oil & gas experience. I have been involved in all aspects of drilling fluid, cementing including designing, planning and technical studies. I have significant amount of onshore and offshore experience working with operators. Experienced in exploration, completion, HPHT, deep water, gravel pack, acid stimulation and completion fluid. I have also got experience in oil field chemicals quality control, tendering, technical evaluation of both chemicals and service company. Involved in training, e-mentoring, manual writing. I have presented papers in different international conferences. I am also actively involved with Society of Petroleum Engineer. I am a Technical Editor and also a Sub committee Member for ATCE-2013.