Familiar Technologies: • Checking / maintaining mud properties as per operators specifications; Filing out various daily reports as per operators request, including oil on cutting data
• Ensuring solids control equipment is working optimally; Ordering / maintaining inventories and writing re-caps for each well; Monitoring / interpreting of hydrocarbons and gases.
• Possess good communication skills and command of English and able to work independently with little supervision.
• Ensuring safety / HSE in drilling fluids related areas on site; Developing / communicating rig specific fluids management plans.
• Organizational, communication, team work and safety skills & Work Conditions:
• Work safely and insure that all safety standards are met and maintained.
• Provides the customer with information regarding job progress; problems, solutions and accurate job data.
• Record operational data and complete job documentation as set out by operational group.
• Conducting Mud Test, Pilot Tests and Full Mud checks in the Mud Lab, and on the Rig sites. Such tests include Mud Density, Retort Analysis and Rheology.

Have Experience to run and maintain the following Mud Systems:
Oil base mud, spud mud, gel polymer mud, kcl inhibitive mud, Dif -perm deill mud, various Brines and Per-flow “Drill in Fluid”.

Experienced the following:
Extensive lost circulation, Hydrogen Sulphide Gas, Sloughing Shales, high pressure high temperature wells, anhydriate, highly deviated wells, carbonate contamination

Regions of the world you have worked: From Oct., 1, 2009 up to now Work for EMEC KUWAIT as a Mud Engineer with;
K.O.C. in Burgan fields "development”
K.O.C. in north fields “development wells"

From Feb., 1, 2005 to Oct., 1, 2009Work for EMEC SYRIA as a Mud Engineer with;
EL FOURAT in Omar fields "development well & exploratory wells”
ENA in TADMOR area "development well & exploratory wells”

From Oct, 1, 2003 to Jan, 15, 2004 Work for PETROSERVICE as a Mud Logger with;
APACHE in Delta section "exploratory well",
GUPCO in Gulf of Suez section "development well",
SUCO EGYPT in Gulf of Suez section "development wells",
KHALDA EGYPT in western desert section "development wells"
PETROBEL EGYPT in Gulf of Suez section "development wells".

From Jan, 15, 2004 to Jul, 1, 2004Work for PETROSERVICE LIBYA as a Data Engineer with;
TOTAL LIBYA in Mabrouk field "development well"
ZUITENA LIBYA in GALO "development well"
REMSA LIBYA in MESSAK area "exploratory wells"

From Jul, 1, 2004to Feb., 1, 2005 Work for PETROSERVICE MIDDLE EAST
‘SYRIA” as a Data Engineer with;
EL FOURAT in Omar fields "development well & exploratory wells”

Resume: Years of Experience: 6 years as mud engineer.
2 years as mud logger.