Familiar Technologies: • Manager and Senior engineer over 20 years
• Sale experience 15 years
• Worked on drilling and production Fluids in the Rockies, South Texas, West Texas, and South Louisiana
• Horizontal wells extending 20,000 feet
• HTHP wells
• Oil Muds – Polymer – Silicate – All types of fresh water systems
• 3 Years Chemist in Environmental laboratory
• Knowledge, use and calibration of a wide variety of instruments in the oilfield and laboratory
• Team player with companies

Regions of the world you have worked: N.D., MT, SD, WY, CO, NEB., La, South Texas, West Tx.

Resume: • AES Fluids : 6/2010 – Present
Service Whiting O & G with daily drilling fluid checks and make sales calls

• Fort Berthold Service: 2/2/2010 – 6/6/2010
Drilling Fluid Consultant for wells in the Williston Basin
• Sanjel USA: 12/2008 – Present – Laboratory Supervisor
QC and design fracture fluids
QC and design cements
QC and design Acid fluids
• Newpark Drilling Fluids 6/2004 – 10/2008 – Technical Advisor
Development of Java based software for daily fluid check and inventory
Teach Drilling Fluid School to company representatives and new NDF hires
Lead Engineer for Chevron projects in Wyoming
Lead Engineer for ANSBRO projects in North Dakota
Made sales calls to office personal and field personal
Train in the field new employees after Drilling Fluid School