Familiar Technologies: WBM,OBM,Brines,Non damaging WBM and OBM,Clay free systems,HPHT WBM

Regions of the world you have worked: Egypt,India

Resume: Present Assignment in India:
November 2008 – Present
Senior Drilling Fluid Engineer on HERCULES 258 (Jackup rig), Drilling for ONGC offshore South East Coast India, Drilling HPHT exploratory wells (YS 5 1A,YS 6 1, YS 7 1 and YS 8 1) using THERMADRIL Water Base Mud. Mud weight up to 17.6 ppg at a Bottom hole temp. up to 420°f.

Last Assignment in Egypt before Joining India:

Senior Drilling Fluid Engineer on Scarabio 6 deep water semi, drilling for British Gas in the Mediterranean, while working with BG, we drilled Deep Water Exploratory well with Atwood Hunter semi (Water depth 990m), Three wells with K Manhattan Jackup and one HPHT Exploratory well with K Manhattan, while drilling the Exploratory HPHT well (Je 72-1), I was honored a “Thank you letter from both the drilling and HSE side in BG, This Exploratory well (Je 72-1) was the first well in Egypt to be drilled with the Stress Caging Technique which helped drilling the 8.5in hole with a FIT 17ppg also we have achieved another success when applying the same technology principle for a 6 inches hole in the same well. The results were amazing as we got an FIT of 18.92 ppg for the first time in the Mediterranean. The test value was important not only from the higher well bore strength value consideration but it also gave the operator much confidence to drill safer and control kicks with no fear to break the casing shoe during the killing operation – if any, and hence contain any influx properly as the formation pressure reached 17.0 ppg in the upper zone. The operator considered to utilize this technology in the deepwater operation as well as a result of this success.

Drilling Fluids Engineer (FSR I,II,III & Field Professional I), Baroid Halliburton Company ’05 – Present

• Attended Technical professional seminar in Houston and was devoted as technical professional at the Gulf of Mexico for deep water operation which was postponed due to Horizon blowout.
• Working with ONGC India as a Senior Drilling Fluids Engineer on HERCULES 258 jackup rig, Drilling for ONGC in the South East Coast of India, Drilling HPHT exploratory wells (YS 5 1A,YS 61 and YS 71) using THERMADRIL Water Base Mud. Mud weight up to 17.6 ppg at a Bottom hole temp. up to 430°f
• Worked with BG as a senior mud engineer in exploratory wells, on a semi sub(HUNTER with Atwood Oceanics and SCARABIO 6 with Eni) with a water depth up to 990m and the other exploratory HPHT well (Je 72-1) using stress caging system with a 17.5ppg HYDROGURAD mud in a 6in slim hole and managed to complete the well after series of serious well control situation.
• Managed and maintained oil-based and water-based fluid systems for various international clients
• Prepared and Maintained KCl/Polymer, PHPA, CORE-DRIL N, HYDRO-GUARD, BARADRIL N, THERMADRIL, Invert Emulsion systems and heavy brine completion fluids
• Involved in development and exploration wells both onshore and off-shore
• Drilled deep vertical and directional wells(up to 49 DGRs) both onshore and off-shore
• Maintained good communication with my superiors, customers and work-place associates while safe working and behaving.
• Performing a one man job in severe losses and well killing operations.
• Created six solution profile with different customers in different areas, wish helped reducing running cost and shorten operation time
• Had more than one Thank You letter from different customer in both drilling and HSE.
• Participated in different kinds of safety assurance courses as well as H2S courses
• Constructed an internet access which acted as a constant communication system between land rigs in the western dessert and the head office therefore increasing the service quality provided to the clients
• Ranked first in class at the BAROID Mud School at Houston with 100% grade
• Mud school Instructor during time off (2007):- Conducted an orientation mud school course for 11 persons in Egypt so that they get familiar with rigs, SCE and Mud.

Areas of Technical Expertise

• Most common WBM mud systems and all Baroid specialty WBM systems.
• Most common OBM and SOBM mud systems and all Baroid Invert Emulsion propriety systems.
• Drilling Waste management and Solids Control principles i.e. Mud coolers, Cuttings dryers, Thermal units, cutting conveying techniques, Centrifuges, screens, shakers etc
• Most applicable laboratory testing procedures and testing equipment specifications.
• BOD (Basis of Design) principles.
• Preparation of comprehensive Mud and Completion fluid programs.
• Wellset or StressCage design and application.
• HPHT drilling fluids experience.
• Loss Circulation decision making tools and LCM application techniques.
• Horizontal Drilling and High deviation techniques i.e. hole cleaning and sweep design.
• Wellbore stability principles and mitigation
• Reservoir damage limitation through the application of non damaging drilling fluids and principles.
• Most common heavy and light weight Completion fluids.
• Fluid Displacement and Cleanup techniques and principles.
• Inventory Planning and Control.
• Hydraulics and hole cleaning modelling through DFG+.
• Drilling Fluids Cost Management.
• Cementing general principles.
• Most common corrosion mitigation techniques.
• Lubricity and ROP improvement techniques

Specific wells worked
ONGC 0 S East India/ YS 7 1 17,400 17.6 ppg 420 KCL PHPA/ THERMADRIL
ONGC 0-15 S East India/ YS 6 1 17,400 17.6 ppg 420 KCL PHPA/ THERMADRIL
ONGC 0 S East India/ YS 5 1A 13, 659 17.6 ppg 380 KCL PHPA/ THERMADRIL
British Gas 0-30 Med. /P1 D2 9,500 12.0-16.0 ppg 170 HYDROGUARD/BARADRILN
British Gas 0-60 Med. / P2 A5 9,500 13.0-15.5ppg 174 HYDROGUARD/BARADRILN
British Gas 0 Med. /P3 A1 7,800 13.0 ppg 160 HYDROGUARD/BARADRILN
British Gas 0-30 Med./Je 72-1 14,100 17.5 ppg 300 HYDROGUARD
British Gas 0-30 Med./Sindbad Da 5,200
Apachi 0 Western dessert/ Khalda SW 7,000 9.8 ppg 180 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0 W D/ Qasr 1X 7,000 10ppg 180 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0 W D/Um Barka 7,000 10ppg 180 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0 W D/Sherouk 1X 12,000 10ppg 220 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0 W D/Nader 1X 12,000 10.5ppg 220 KCl Polymer
Oil Search 0-30 Est Des. 9,000 12.4 ppg 160 HYDROGUARD/BARADRIL N
Apachi 0 W D/Nader 2,3,….9 6,900 9.6-10 ppg 180 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0 W D/Sherouk 2,3..,..9 6,900 9.8 ppg 180 KCl Polymer
Apachi 0-30 W D/Rahotep 1x 14,200 10.5 ppg 300 KCl Polymer/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Qasr 34 13,500 10.5 ppg 300 KCl Polymer/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Qasr 20 14,000 10 ppg 320 KCL POLYMER/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Qasr 36 15,000 10ppg 290 KCl Polymer/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Nefertum1X 13,500 12 ppg 320 KCL POLYMER
Apachi 0-30 W D/Zoser 3 X 12,000 11.3ppg 290 KCl Polymer/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Huda 1X 15,000 10.5 ppg 300 KCl Polymer/Lignites
Apachi 0-30 W D/Hekeat 1X 15,000 12 ppg 320 KCL POLYMER/OBM
Apachi 0-30 W D/Zoser 1 X 15,000 11.3ppg 290 KCl Polymer/Lignites
ENI/IEOC 0-30 Med./Temsah 14,000 1.84 SG 270 OBM/ COREDRIL N
ENI/IEOC 0-30 Med./Baltim N 1 13, 200 1.7 SG 210 OBM/ COREDRIL N

Trainee Mud Engineer, BAROID (Halliburton), Shokair, Sinai. June ’03 – July ‘03
Halliburton, one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries with BAROID as one of it Product Service Lines (PSL) is the world leader in the fluids industries.
• Ran a complete mud check everyday
• Directed the mixing of chemicals at the mud tanks in plant
• Assisted in trouble shooting and maintenance of the pumps
• Had a bird’s eye view of the plant operation

Trainee Field Mud Engineer, BAROID (Halliburton), Abu Rdes, Sinai. July ’02 – Aug ‘02

• Worked on rigs: SEIPEM 63 & EDC 1
• Ran the mud check everyday
• Supervised the derrick-man to mix the chemicals as per mud engineer’s instructions
• Shadowed the mud engineer around the rig

Trainee Mud Engineer, BAROID (Halliburton), Cairo office July ’01– Aug ‘01

• Trained in Baroid Laboratory
• Worked on Different Mud Preparation and Testing every day

Baroid training/ courses
Basic Mud School 2006 Houston USA 100 %
Wellsight 2000 Software Training 2006 Houston USA Pass
Dril N Fluid Technology 2006 Houston USA 100
Introduction to DFG Software 2006 Houston USA 100
DFG drill ahead hydraulics 2006 Houston USA 100
Baroid Surface Solution 2006 Houston USA 80
Phase III 2006 Egypt 100
Quality service skills 2006 Houston USA 100
Specialty products 2006 Houston USA 100
Technical writing 2006 Houston USA 100
Competency Assessors 2006 Houston USA 100
MMS and IADC Well control 2006 Houston USA 94
Completion and Workover Fluids 2006 Houston USA 80
A-CPR 2006 Houston USA 100
HSE Management System Orientation 2006 Houston USA Pass
First Aid 2006 Houston USA Pass
Hydrogen Sulphide Halliburton 2006 Houston USA Pass
HUET 2005-07 Houston USA Pass
Basic Safety Land and offshore orientation 2006 Houston USA 100
Defensive Driving 2006 Houston USA 100
Integrated fluid Training II 2006 Houston USA 90
Advanced fluid training I 2006 Houston USA 100
Hydrogen Sulphide Total Safety license 2007 Cairo/ Oil Search Co. Pass
I Learn Courses
Halliburton Code of Business Conduct Cat#2 2007 Cairo 100
Ergonomics 2007 Cairo 90
Radiation general awareness 2006 Cairo 85
Environmental awareness and incidents 2006 Cairo 90
Bloodborne pathogens awareness 2007 Cairo 90
5 S 2009 India Pass
Dead tired-fatigue management 2007 Cairo Pass
Hazard Communication 2007 Cairo 90
Explosive awareness 2006 Cairo 88
Substance abuse drug awareness and policy 2007 Cairo 90
Integrated fluid Training I 2008 Cairo 99
Deep Water 2008 Cairo 100
New Technology Update 2008 Cairo 100
BLOCK II (Technical professional seminar)
Technical professional seminar Jan. 2010 Houston USA Pass
Competency Assessment
Deemed Competent for all competencies assigned

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Cairo University, May 2005.
Project Grade: Excellent

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
High School, Cairo, Egypt; June 1998.
Grade: 98.8%