Regions of the world you have worked: ALGÉRIE GRANDE SAHARA

Resume: Curriculum
 2003; BAC Science of Nature and Life; At Ben M’hidi.
 2006; Certificat In Computer Science; At Chat.
 2008; State Engineer Process Engineering Option: Organic Methods; At the University Guelma May 8, 1945.
 2011 ; Mud school at M-I SWACO; HASSI MESSAOUD.

Professional Experience
 [2001-2005], (June, September) SARL Saraoui-ANNABA I held several positions:
 [2005-2007] The Gemini Supermarket s, I served as a director of Commerce.
 May 2008, ENAP-SOUK AHRAS; internship at study
Subject: Improvement of PVA in terms of particle size
 (March, August) 2009; Shop perfumes-ELMADINA ANNABA – served as a seller.

 (September 2009,December 2010), I occupied the position of a vendor DRUG ALIBI; HASSI MESSAOUD
 January 2011….. Until today, I occupy the position of a mud engineer at M-I SWACO; HASSI MESSAOUD

 Arabic: Good
 French: Good
 English: Well

 Good knowledge (Word, Excel, word processing, Internet browsing).
 Good organizational skills and knowledge to be rigorous as autonomy
 Having the spirit of research and work in groups
 Very good presentation and has a very high sense of public relations.