Familiar Technologies: I am attaching my updated resume, which provides you with an overview of my background. I have over twenty-two years experience in the oilfield service industry.

I believe I would be well suited to a position as I have a background in various positions both field and office related. I have experience as a well site supervisor. I have experience in API and ISO standards . My duties included facility management and the setting up of Quality Control systems.

I also have experience as an in-house representative for a major service company within an oil companies drilling / completions department. I have experience in supervising field operations. I have experience in the setup and training of personnel in laboratory procedures and quality control both domestic and international.

Regions of the world you have worked: Qatar, Syria, Turkey,Iraq,Libya, Egypt, Azarbejıaan, Kazakhstan. India , Turkmenista,

Resume: I also have experience in researching and developing new ideas and programs. I developed and executed major projects for customers, which exceeded expectations in both budget and business development.

In my previous positions I was known as a high performer with excellent strategic abilities and a firm grasp of the necessary steps to execute complex programs. In addition, I am an energetic, results oriented professional with a firm grasp of the necessary steps to implement solutions