Familiar Technologies: Exploratjion and development drilling fluids including mud cement brine completion fluids speciality fluids for specific application.
Any application of fluid engineering in drilling of oil and gas wells is my core competence

Regions of the world you have worked: India and Oman

Resume: Executive Bullet points

1 I have over 3 decades of industry experience
2 I have a degree of Ph.D in Chemistry
3 I have international exposure and am widely travelled
4 I have exposure to all the positions in fluid engineering in various capacities – be it E&P company, service provider or a drilling contractor
5 I have field as well as office based experience
6 I am comfortable with all types of nationality people to work with
7 I enjoy good health
8 The only dependant I have is my wife
9 I am prepared to relocate to other countries
10 I do not mind travelling to moderate extent
11 I am computer literate enough to carry out my job responsibility without any major external assistance. ( Proprietary soft-wares excluded)
12 I am a team player

Apart from the academic qualifications mentioned in the table, I have also acquired the certificate of a Lead Auditor from an ISO institute of International reputation. In addition to this, I have completed the Diploma course in TQM and ISO 9000 certification.

I had carried out research work on surfactants and dyes, by virtue of which I have in depth knowledge of surfactants which helps me greatly in deriving maximum advantage from the application of surfactants. The research work focussed on the effect of surfactants on the emission spectrum of various fluorescing dyes and a possible interpretation of the shift in wavelength. In addition to it a part of the research work was also carried out on studying the behaviour of surfactant at various temperature ranges and the effect of temp. On Criticle micelle concentration of surfactants of all types with special emphasise on cationic anionic and non ionic type. More details of research can be shared upon request.

During the research work I have also been working as a part time lecturer in the university, engaging myself in teaching Chemistry to B.Sc students. My academic and enqusite approach to my profession is also reflected in my management and engineering job, where in I have successfully found solutions to drilling fluid related problems by unconventional and out of box thinking. At times I have taught Chemistry to many undergraduate students on honorary basis by associating myself with coaching institutes in Mumbai India. However I do admit that the bulk of the experience I have gathered is while working in field as mud engineer and managing mud engineering activities from office.

Details of experience in Oil field

Period March 2002 to till date

Presently I am associated with the biggest private oil and Gas Company in India as “Sr. Fluids Manager” and am instrumental in managing the off-shore as well as on-shore operations of drilling fluids, including mud and cement. The responsibilities include writing technical well mud programmes, monitoring the mud engineering operations of the off shore deep water as well as shallow water rigs, managing the contract administering the activities of Service provider/s with-in the frame work of agreed conditions of contract, writing technical scope of work for inviting bids from vendors, evaluation of received bids, QC monitoring of mud chemicals, cementing chemicals including dry cement powder, cement slurry design optimization, keeping pace with the advancement in technology in the area of mud engineering in particular and E&P activities in general. I am one of the team members of a group of professionals who are responsible for making the biggest gas discovery in 2002. My special interest has been in exploring better suited products to improve the overall deliverability of the fluids. The list could be still longer, but the essence is- On several occasions I have managed the fluids engineering operations of the company in my individual capacity.

For the last decade I am completely involved in deep water mud engineering operations be it exploratory, development or completion ( OPEN HOLE GRAVEL PACK, CASED HOLE FRAC PACK, running screens in open hole etc. ). During this period I have also positively contributed in deep water cementing with special emphasis on light weight slurries for shallow casing jobs which are prone to shallow water flow. I have also designed special slurries with low heat of hydration for placing the cement against hydrate zone.

I have developed special interest in optimizing the slurry and spacer design for improvisation in quality of cement job in deep water environment while drilling with synthetic oil based mud. I provide useful input in conjunction with the cementing service provider for improving the quality of cement slurry and have also developed insight in the quality control of Cement powder also to derive the best out of all the components of the slurry design. I had also been instrumental in designing special Pill of surfactant to free the stuck pipe in SOBM environment.

Period 2000 to 2002

During this period I have performed the duty of a field mud engineer for “Baker Hughes Inteq, now known as “Baker Hughes Drilling fluids” I was directly responsible for supervising the mud work on rig on deep water wells drilled by Cairn Energy in East Coast of India in Bay of Bengal. It was during this period that I was associated with a team of professionals who were instrumental in the first discovery of hydrocarbon in deep water in India.

Period 1996 to 2000

During this period I have performed the duty of field mud engineer in Muscat Oman for the company “Essar Oil Limited” who has drilled wells on land locations in various promising fields of South as well as North Oman on contractual basis for the national oil company “Petroleum development Oman”. The responsibilities include complete supervision of mud engineering activities in individual capacity to deliver the best service to drilling group enabling them to drill and complete the well in shortest possible time.

Period 1980 to 1996
During this period I have performed the duties of the Mud Chemist with the national oil company of India, known as ONGC Ltd. During this period I got four promotions and two merit awards for my exemplary and cost-effective mud service in three major producing field of India. They are Gujarat, Assam and Bombay Off-shore. During this period I have performed all the different roles of mud chemist starting from “Shift Chemist” to” in charge” Chemist. The responsibilities include direct supervision and development of mud engineering activities, introduction of new value added mud additives, composing specialized pills for controlling down hole losses, freeing stuck pipe, cleaning hole in horizontal environment etc.

To sum up, I can state that I am capable of handling any responsibility, problem, situation related to mud engineering/cement slurry design in my individual capacity by leading a team of professionals. It goes without saying that I am equally capable of looking after the requirement of Brine/clean up pills for well bore clean up exercise and thus can offer a complete package of services related to mud/cement/brine, be it exploratory/development drilling on land location, shallow water or deep water location .

Before joining oil field in 1980 I have also worked for the Dept. of Atomic Energy of the Govt. Of India from 1978 to 1980 as a laboratory foreman to perform/supervise quality control analysis of intermediate as well as nuclear grade “Heavy Water” My duties included the Quality control analyses of water samples, intermediate purity ranges of Heavy Water and final QC analysis of Nuclear grade heavy Water, which is used in Nuclear reactors as a moderator. More details of this assignment can be provided upon request. The core process of manufacturing Heavy water was based upon the concept of extracting deuterium from the synthesis gas of fertilizer plant and then converting the deuterium to Heavy water by allowing it to react with Oxygen. The chemical exchange of deuterium takes place in high pressure exchange towers and the extracted form is Deutertaed Ammonia, which is cracked into nitrogen and Deuterium in presence of Potassium Amide catalyst. The extracted deuterium is then burnt with Oxygen to get nuclear grade Heavy water which is used in nuclear reactor to moderate the rate of fission and thus tap and convert nuclear energy into electrical energy.

Additional useful information

I have discovered a non-aqueous base fluid which is environmentally less toxic than many base oils in current use and the same has a wide application in SOBM formulation.

I have a special flair for providing solutions to a problem of non-routine type and strategically design a solution which is tailor made for the situation.

I think and look for solution to problems by expanding the possibilities and triggering healthy competition among team members to extract the best out of them.

I have developed special design of spacer to improve the quality of cement job in Synthetic oil base mud environment.

I am a long distance marathon runner which is an evidence of the fact that I enjoy good health with no illness and injuries.