Familiar Technologies: All drilling fluids, solids control & waste systems to date.

Regions of the world you have worked: Nigeria, most of west Africa. All Arab states,Indonesia, Pakistan, Norway, UK, Holland.

Resume: In the attached resume, you will observe that I have been successfully operating in the Drilling Fluids field worldwide for over 33 years. During this time I have been a manager for Baroid, Schlumberger & AGIP.
I am presently in Indonesia for Tately & (Oiltools ) as their Fluids supervisor. Before that I completed 6 months in Nigeria for Total as their HPHT deep water Drilling, completion, waste, cement fluids superintendent. My position was replaced by a Total staff member due to closing of Total Mid East operations.

I am looking for a challenging leadership role that will allow me to utilize my experience in the industry and turn it into a viable source of service & revenue. I enjoy a demanding work environment & bring a substantial amount of passion to the position. I can get results where others have failed because of experience, knowledge & tenacity. In this respect age is on my side. I know my job. I am someone that can multitask effortlessly, safely & successfully. In relation to fluids, I am an expert in pre rig compliance surveying for project suitability & I can save an enormous amount of money on fluids & solids control.

Due to the nature of the position, I am accustomed to the rigors of extended travel, remote locations & regardless of the language or culture I have an excellent rapport with personnel. I am an outstanding organizer, presenter, negotiator, & trouble-shooter. Pursuits of nutrition & exercise keep me in excellent condition with no physical restrictions. My health & exercise regimens are far beyond those of individuals half my age.

Aside from fluids field testing;
I have operated in the capacity as Manager, Project Engineer for Baroid , Agip & Total as well as numerous private companies.
I am familiar with office management, reporting procedures, testing equipment, programs, warehousing & logistics. I have operated many rigs in very difficult conditions & maintained all the personnel & equipment necessary for the successful completion of the projects.
-Supervised, on a daily basis drilling fluid, cement & completions operations, validated the daily reports, write and issue all required standard technical reports related to fluid for the final well report.
– Participate in the studies related to all fluids, solids control equipment operation, performance improvements and teaching.
– Anticipate needs; ensure the availability of all material and products on rig site, including needs for emergency situations.
– Optimize the activities of providers and assess their performance and follows up all the quality controls tests requested from contractors or from Operator’s HQ.
-Liaison between client & service companies to ensure complete understanding of contract requirements, engineer qualification, operational procedures & HSE protocols
-Submit Budgets, Tenders & Fluids Programs including solids control & waste management requirements & procedures.