Familiar Technologies: weighted or non-weighted Invert Emulsion Muds (Diesel, Low Toxic, 100% Oil and Synthetic base), Lignosulfonate/ Lignite Muds, Lime and Gyp Muds, Sodium Chloride Muds, Warp (Weighting Agent Reduction Particle), Sodium Silicate, Potassium Silicate, Potassium Sulfate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate/SSPHPA, Potassium Chloride/SSPHPA/Glycol, Polymer Systems, Aerated Muds, Drill-In Fluids Formate Brine Mud Systems, Potassium Carbonate Muds, Light and heavy Completion fluids.

Regions of the world you have worked: Foothills of the Rocky Mountains (Alberta & British Columbia) Canada,
Ecuador (Andes),
Offshore East Coast Newfoundland (Grand Banks) and West Coast Newfoundland &
On shore West Coast Newfoundland (Canada)


Memorial University of Newfoundland,
St. John’s, Canada.
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of
• Major in Physical Geography / Geology
• Major in Psychology,
• Major in Education

Petroleum Industry Training Service
Nisqu, Alberta
• WHMIS, Gels, H2S Alive, First Aid and Pre-employment Floorhand Tickets

In House
• Integrated Fluids Management (IFE) Training

Memorial University
Fox Trap Campus
• Basic Survival Training (Offshore)

In House Training
Various Locations
• Total Fluids Management
• Performance Culture Seminar
• Relationship & Team Building
• Fluid Dynamics &Well Integrity
• Flat Time Reduction
• QSH&E Awareness


2012 – 2004 Drilling Fluids Supervisor
Employer MISWACO Inc.
700 2 St SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2004-1997 Drilling Fluids Supervisor
Employer: Q’MAX Solutions Inc.
407 2 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


1997-1996 Assistant Derrickman
Employer: Sedco-Forex-Offshore
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

1995-1994 Roughneck/Mudwatcher
Employer: Rowan Companies Inc-Offshore.
2800 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 5450
Houston, TX 77056


Experience drilling simple to deep, high angle holes through some of the most reactive, over pressured, fragile, porous, sour shale formations, while working diligently to maintain excellent hole integrity, well control and penetration.


• Highly motivated, compassionate, outgoing, diligent, and dedicated to exceeding
customer and employer expectations.
• Ability to work alone and as a team member; effective as both leader and collaborator.


• Experienced in providing technical support for Drilling, Workover, and
Completion Fluids.
• Highly skilled in oil drilling and production, formulating and maintaining drilling fluids.
• Experienced in conducting safety and regulatory compliance inspections.
• Helped with the logistical requirements of maintaining operations for 7, 14 or 28 day at a time on projects onshore and offshore.
• Familiar with hardware/software for mud engineers to write or complete mud
reports, managed wellsite inventories, accessed technical information.
• Kept jobs files current & neatly organized with mud reports, delivery tickets,
mud program, price lists, contact information & other significant well information.
• Kept mud recaps updated, including an accurate reporting of mud properties &
well conditions & procedures, as well as accurate tracking of inventories & daily
& cumulative mud costs.
• Provided routine & non-routine mud engineering.
• Flexible


Available upon request