Familiar Technologies: Fresh Water Spud Mud, KLS-KL Dispersed Mud, KCL-PHPA Polymer Mud, KCL Non-Damaging Mud, Invert Emulsion Mud, Salt Saturated Mud, Silicate Mud, Work Over and Completion Fluids, LCM Treated Mud, Hydraulic Optimization. Strong Knowledge of cementing techniques. Oil Base Fluids(OBM)

Regions of the world you have worked: Pakistan

Resume: o Prepare and Maintain WBM, OBM and completion fluids.
o Maintain proper rheology of drilling fluids for smooth drilling operations.
o Minimize/ solve the down hole problems such as inflows, Loss of Circulation, Pipe Stuck, Sloughing Shales etc
o Maintain monthly stock report, phase reports, well completion report etc. Check mud parameters, trip sheets, kill sheets.
o Hole stability is the prime importance for well site Mud Engineer through mud chemistry. Correct evaluation result by analyzing any type of incorporate contaminant and manage the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid. Selection of inhibitive completion fluid during work over job to prevent skin effect.
o Co-ordinate the planning, programming, execution of all well site activities from mobilization to a new location, through drilling and completion of wells and provide comprehensive reporting of all well site activities to the Head Office. Arrange/ demand phase wise drilling consumables for each well by correspondence with material section.
o Co-ordinate special operations such as liner job, sidetrack, tubular inspection, casing, cementing, fishing and production testing.
o To maintain efficient well control.
o Ability to use Drilling Engineering Software related to fluids and hydraulics.
o Experience with hydrogen sulphide (H2S) well designs and safety practices. Strong exposure in SOUR GAS/H2S or HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) environments.
o Responsible to implement HSE standards as per company HSE policy. Ensure safe working condition at Rig site and implement safety program as per company policy.