Familiar Technologies: computer.cell phone.scanner,copier,PC

Regions of the world you have worked: South TX.,Abilene-FT.Worth,TX, Rockie Mountains,North Sea, Uraguay, Middle East

Resume: In every place I have worked sales incresed,PR was better; profits incresedand the job was accomplished Very successfully!!

Education: Wellman High School
Texas A & M – 3 Semesters
South Plains College – 2 Semesters
Dresser Magcobar – Mud School
Data School
Engineering School
Sales School

In 1978 I became the Rockie Mountain Sales Manager for a H2S Safety Company, ESSI International. In 11 months our business increased from five rental trailers and training in Montana and North Dakota to 23. In Wyoming from 6 rigs to 20 rigs mostly due to Chevron.

I have been in sales since 1976. In Denver with Magcobar and later with Milchem.

With Milchem we increased the business from 1-3- rigs, for Chevron also Anschutz, Amoco and Phillips Petroleum.

Transferred to Midland where I landed a job as Manager of Eastland Mud Company, Eastland, Texas. I got the company in the profit side of business. We had an excellent liquid mud plant also. In 1981 business in the Eastland area went down.

The owners closed the mud company in order to try and salvage the drilling company.

I moved to Abilene in 1983 where I started my own mud company and have been here since that time. I have worked for oil companies here, Midland, Wichita Falls, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Denver.

I have called on CEO=s, Presidents and Operations Manager of many companies and enjoy calling on people face-to-face, observe the body language and other interests each has in the office display will tell you a lot.

I have worked in South Texas, the Middle East, North Sea, Uruguay, Rockie Mountains, and 150 miles around Abilene, Texas.

I believe I can be an asset to your company and contribute to not only increased business, but help improve your company=s reputation in the drilling mud business.


Dresser Industries from mud engineer to SWACO mud engineer and then account representative in 5/ 2 years.

ESSI International – Sales manager in the Rockie Mountains. I doubled the sales in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana. I increased H2S Safety Company from 7 safety trailers to 23 safety trailers 12 months, but a marketing disagreement with upper management lead to my resigning.

Milchem, Inc. allowed me to choose many of my own accounts including Chevron, which I increased from 1 rig to 3 in 12 months.

Cities Service from 15% of business to 46% of business.

Ladd Petroleum – Got only oil mud job that year.

Florida Oil and Gas – 80% of their business. Texaco 30% of business plus blow out control schools. Transferred to Midland, Texas and took job as manager.

Eastland Mud Company – In 7 months the company was making a profit.

Started my own mud company and ran it until August 2010. Customer bankruptcies contributed to hurting my company.

Allow me to help improve your profit, sales, service, and public relations by doing a sales job with dignity, honesty, and courteous service to your customers. I do not mind travel.

Thank you for your time.

In july of 2011 I completed a petroleum landman school I have a certificate for that ; have worked for O&G attorney and two oil Cos. In the meantime.