Familiar Technologies: Most drilling fluids systems up to 19.5ppg o.nshore and offshore:worldwide
25yrs experience up to fluids supervisor position

Regions of the world you have worked: Noth Sea
Middle East
N Africa
W Africa
SE Asua

Chris Spilsbury

Nationality: British Date of Birth:26.04.54


Degree: Bsc Combined Science

Open University Environmental Control and Public Health

Open University Environmental Monitoring and Control

Dec 81 – Jan 82 Mud School Baroid Houston


Feb 80 – Nov 81 Mud logger in Libya w/Baroid
Dec 81 – Jan 82 Mud School Baroid Houston
Jan 82 – Apr 84 Mud engineer Libyan Baroid Oasis Oil/Occidental/Mobil/Libyan National Oil Compny
Managed 3 wells of 14000ft on land when no chemicals were available. It involved salvaging chemicals from old rig sites
Jul 84 – Jul 86 Mud engineer in Nsea w/Magcobar
Initiated the first zero discharge wells for Phillips Petroleum in the N Sea.

Dec 86 – Apr88 Electrical products Salesman w/3M
Apr 88 – Mar90 Mud engineer N Sea w/MI
Apr 90 – Nov 92 Senior Mud engineerN Sea w/Baroid
Conoco/ Hamilton/ENI/ELF/BP

Nov 92 – Mar 94 Senior Mud engineer Nigeria w/Baroid/Mobil
Ran and mixed PHPA mud on semi sub in Nigeria during oil strike
Mar 94 – Sept 95 Senior Mud engineer Egypt w/Baroid/AGIP
Managed Diesel based mud and cuttings shipment from jack up in the Nile Delta region
Sept 95- May 96 Consulting ELF/ARCO/AGIP
Mud engineered HP/HT wells with 19.4ppg Low toxic oil based mud
June 96 Consulting/Chevron Namibia
Aug 96- Nov 96 Consulting Phillips SN Sea
Jan 97- June 97 Consulting Baroid /Oryx
June 97- Dec97 Consulting Baroid /Arco SN Sea
Jan 98- June 98 Consulting Enterprise Oil /Pierce field
Batch drilled wells for Enterprise oil/Pierce development (as seen on BBC TV)

July 98 – Sept 98 Consulting Falklands Islands/Desire/Shell/MI
Oct 98 – Nov 99 Consulting MI Azerbaijan for AIOC/BP
Jan 00 – Nov 01 Consulting N Sea Shell / BP
Jan 01 – Aug 02 Consulting For Baroid/Ameriven/PDVSA in Venezuela
Engineered and modified Mud program for batch drilling 20 wells on multiple pad locations in Venezuela. This involved spud to slotted liner, through 1000ft+ of unconsolidated heavy oil sands. All cuttings being removed /managed for land fill disposal. First oil being achieved 10 weeks after start-up with 50 % more oil production over target being recovered.

Sept 01- Sept 02 Consulting for Nelson platform /Enterprise Oil/MI
Drilling of extended reach wells on Nelson Platform. Cuttings being reinjected and judicious fluid management during drilling and clean up.

Oct 02 – Feb 03 Consulting for Kavala Oil Greece (H2S)/MI
HT and H2S Wells water based fluids in Greece and Croatia.Recommended BOPS fully tested after milling.
Mar03 – May 03 Consulting for Ena/Crosco Croatia (Hi temp)/MI
July03- Aug 03 Consulting for Petro Canada/MI
Oct03- Oct 04 Consulting for POGO/MI Hungary
Mud engineering with waste management on land. Operating centrifuges and waste management direction using Kcl/glycol in sensitive groundwater area. i.e doing mud engineers job + centrifuge engineers job

Nov 04 –Dec 04 Consulting for Santos /MI Indonesia
Feb 05 – Mar 05 Consulting MI/ Hunt Oil Yemen
Batch drilled 4 wells in desert with Diesel Mud- 3 rig moves
April 05 Consulting MI/Unocal Thailand
Batch drilled 7wells
May –June 05 Consulting MI/Apache Oil Australia
July 05 – Mar 06 Mud supervisor for Reliance Oil India
April 06 – July06 Consulting Soco Tunisia
Aug 06 Sept 06 Consulting BHI /Woodside Mauritania
Oct 06 – Jan 07 Consulting MI Tunisia B Gas/SOCO/AGIP
Feb 07 – Sept 07 Consulting Baroid /Marathon North Sea
Oct 07 – Jan08 Consulting Baroid /Wingas Onshore UK
Jan 08 – Mar 08 Consulting Baroid /BG North Sea
Mar 08 – Apri l08 Consulting Baroid /Wingas Onshore UK
June –July 08 Consulting Baroid/ Chevron Thailand
Aug – Sept 08 Consulting Apache Oil UK
Oct –Dec 08 Consulting Total/MI UK
Jan – April 09 Consulting BP/MI Azerbaijan
July- August 09 Consulting BG Tunisia Office
September 09 Consulting Aberdeen BG Office
Nov 09 – Nov 10 Consulting BG Tunisia Office

Mud systems:
Gyp Lignosulphonate
Salt Saturated/Bentonite/saltwater gel
Workover/Completion Fluids (many)

Oil based muds: Synthetic/Diesel,Low toxic: 50/50 –90/10
H2s treated muds
Drill in/High temp Fluid
Milling Fluid

Drilling Problems:Encountered

High Pressure/High Temperature
H2S wells
High angle/Extended reach wells
SN Sea Zechstein Platten Dolomite
Mud wts to 19.4ppg
Lost circulation (Many types)
Kick control
Differential Sticking minimisation
Low pressure/Heavy oil sands
Cuttings disposal/reinjection
Water Based Mud engineering and operation of Centrifuges + waste management at the same time.
Mud cap drilling
Multi well batch drilling
High 6rpm rheology in 22in hole

About myself:
I like most sports: Golf, cricket (both of which I still play) rugby and football.

My present job has just finished with BG Tunisia handling 2 rigs as a drilling fluids supervisor. I have been involved in the day to day running of the fluids and cuttings waste disposal operation. I saved $2.0million from the existing operations before a fluids advisor was put in place.

This involved introduction of a new drilling fluid previously decided before being hired on.The system was then successfully reengineered such that the cost /bbl was reduced by half.Further cost reductions would have been implemented had further drilling been performed further reducing cost by another half.
Performed study of solids control systems employed which were partly implemented, reducing with the mud system the NPT to produce top quartile wells.
Greatly reduced waste disposal costs by attention to detail and by recovery of expensive fluids waste.
Negotiated lowered storage costs for fluids