Familiar Technologies: Microsoft Word/Excel 2010, Aerosol experience, Microsoft Access/PowerPoint 2010, Organic Carbon/Elemental Carbon (OC/EC), Microsoft Outlook/E-mail/Internet, Knowledge in wastewater treatment design, Windows OS/Mac OS, Knowledge in atmospheric science, Fax machine and copier, Experience in data analysis, Technical Software: MATLAB, IGOR, PRO II, 10-Key Calculator 110 KSPM, Bilingual: Spanish and English, Production Keyboarding 30 WPM Regions of the world you have worked: Venezuela, Tucson, AZ, Houston, TX SUMMARY Energetic and charismatic professional with experience in problem solving; whose strengths include verbal and written communication skills and the capacity to work under pressure as a team, capable of meeting deadlines and raise performance standards; is seeking the opportunity to enter as an engineer to build on a long term career in the industry. EDUCATION The University of Arizona Tucson, AZ Jan 2010 – May 2012 M.S. Chemical Engineering – GPA: 3.5 Research Area: Aerosols distribution in the air; Dust concentrations in southwestern US. Simon Bolivar University Caracas, Venezuela Sep 2001 – Jun 2008 B.S. Chemical Engineering PROJECT EXPERIENCE University of Arizona Tucson, AZ Aug 2010 – May 2012 Individual master’s project related to the study of the occurrence and composition of the dust episodes in Tucson, AZ. Obtained data from different aerosol monitoring devices published online, for a period of ten years, and organized them so that they could show patterns and behavior over a decade; using data analysis software like Excel and IGOR. In addition weekly meetings with the research group to share opinions and ideas to help with the projects and receive advice from my peers to help improve mine. Simon Bolivar University Caracas, Venezuela Jan – Mar 2008 Worked in a project design class as a member of the distillation towers and cost department, of a cracking plant to produce a combustible to meets specifications. The group had to represent a consultant company and organize it in a way all the departments achieve the objectives in a deadline. Use Pro II (simulation tool) to get the characteristic of the distillation towers applying thermodynamics laws; in addition, with the information given by the various departments and known estimation rules, we could obtain the estimated cost of the project. WORK EXPERIENCE DNM Contracting Inc. Houston, TX Sep 2012 – Present Supervisor In charge of supervising the work done in the restoration of apartments, by the creation of proposals indicating the job and price required to restore the unit. Including sales representative position by visiting the properties offering the services offered by the company, elaborate weekly reports, and solve the problems quickly and efficiently to meet customer demands. Department of Chemical Engineering, UofA Tucson, AZ Jan 2010 – Dec 2011 Teaching Assistant Assist the students with the experiments in the chemical engineer operation laboratory to ensure they achieve the objectives of the experiment, in compliance with the laboratory safety rules. Grade laboratory reports and quizzes. Manufacturas Beny C.A. Caracas, Venezuela Apr – Dec 2009 Chemical Engineer Selection and purchase of dyes, along with the supervision of chemicals used for the process of dyeing in the manufacturing of denim fabrics. Meeting with the vendors of various supplies to select which product is the adequate one; and present reports to my superiors. Serviquim C.A. Aragua, Venezuela Jun – Dec 2007 Intern Found ways to improve the water treatment plant of a chemical company, by doing test at the laboratory to include new kinds of coagulants and flocculants, and regulate the pH of the waste pool by the addition of sulfuric acid to get a better removal of contaminants in a more efficient way. Supervised employees working in the treatment plant to ensure that it is kept running efficiently. Elaborate monthly reports of the findings. SKILLS Microsoft Word/Excel 2010 Aerosol experience Microsoft Access/PowerPoint 2010 Organic Carbon/Elemental Carbon (OC/EC) Microsoft Outlook/E-mail/Internet Knowledge in wastewater treatment design Windows OS/Mac OS Knowledge in atmospheric science Fax machine and copier Experience in data analysis Technical Software: MATLAB, IGOR, PRO II 10-Key Calculator 110 KSPM Bilingual: Spanish and English Production Keyboarding 30 WPM PUBLICATION Coauthor Sorooshian, A., A. Wonaschutz, E. G. Jarjour, B. I. Hashimoto, B. A. Schichtel, and E. A. Betterton (2011), An Aerosol Climatology for a Rapidly Growing Arid Region (Southern Arizona): Major Aerosol Species and Remotely-Sensed Aerosol Properties, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2011JD016197, in press.