Familiar Technologies: Treatment for prevent contamination & Restore properties after contamination. Working in areas with high potential risk of stuck pipe, High deviation torque, Sloughing shale, Caving hole, Lost circulation, Fishing, Carbonate/Bicarbonate & Anhydrite contamination, Fractured Formations, Total loss circulation H2S Gas, Bit/Stab. Balling, High Temperature & high Pressure well, Gas & Oil Kicks. Development of programs for HSE rules in drilling fluids, controlling application of HSE systems. Full understanding of Environment impaction through Drilling Mud’s. Experience of Environmental sensitive Areas, Implementing Procedures for Minimize waste, Disposal water. Recycling waste water from drilling fluids with Excellent Results & Decrease total mud cost. Standard Applicable Technique For Solid Control & Enhance Efficiency of Solid control Equipment. Excellent well building Quality through Standard Drilling Fluid Treatment Technique. Excellent well caliper & other Log’s through Standard Drilling Fluid Treatment Technique.
Worked On Rig Type : E-1400-5, E-1400-3, E-760 -8, F-6100, E-760- 18, E-760 – 17, E-760- 5, cabot-3

Regions of the world you have worked: DRILLING MUD ANALYSIS Water Analysis, Different types of Drilling Mud Formulation, Preservation and utilization as per standard required. Mud Rheology , Hydrostatic Impactions, Formation Behavior.Viscosity, API Fluid Loss, HTHP Filtration, Filter –Cake Compressibility, Sand Content, Liquid and solid content – Retort, Methylene Blue Capacity ( Clay/Shale ). Flocculent Efficiency test. PH–Indicator sticks PH Meter, Alkalinity [ Pf, Mf , Pm and Lime Content ], Carbonate, Chloride, Calcium – Qualitative, Total Hardness, Hardness in Dark Filtrates, Sulfate, Potassium, Nitrate, PHPA concentration.Chemical Analysis Relating To Corrosion: SuF-X( Zno) and Basic Zinc Carbonate.( Znco3.Zn(OH)2). Iron sulfide scale, Hydrogen sulfide ( H2S), Phosphate, Oxygen Scavenger : SO3 content. Resistivity, Emulsion testing, Lubricity. Refractometer, Dual–Temperature Retort Analysis for glycol systems. Brookfield viscometer used to obtain Low–Shear–Rate Viscosity (LSRV).
USED MUD SYSTEM: KCL-Polymer, KCL_PHPA, CL_CLS, N.D.D.F, GLYCOLE, KCL-XCP, K-LIGNITE, KCL-PHPA-GLYCOL-Polymer, Lime base…etc. Training. Completion Brine, Hi-Vis, LCM, Slug….etc.

Resume: sir, i have a 10+ yer.exp.in ongc india as a mud engineer. Excellent: Mud Engineering Software. Drilling software. Proficient in computer Application. Computer Skills Office Software, (Word, Excel, Power point, Front Page) Operating systems (Window 98/2000/XP/Vista), Technical Skill and competences Operate and maintenance of Solids Control Equipment:- Shale shaker, Hydro clones, Centrifuges.