Familiar Technologies: NL Baroid Mud Engineer School Certification

To find a company needing an experienced Mud Engineer. I am a self starter, self motivated and gets the job done at the end of the day.

Dear Sirs;

I am looking for an employer that needs someone to help solve day to day problems while continuing operations and creating a team environment. Most of all I want them to know that the job will get done and they will not have to constantly look over my shoulder and rest knowing things are taken care of each and every day. Over the last 30 years I have come to terms that employment is a constant learning experience. My maturity and hands on approach from the bottom to the top has helped me achieve good working environments throughout my career. My continued education has given me extensive training in employment law, governmental compliance in federal, state and local requirements that helped reduce liability exposure in the work place. Finding a balance for the employer as well as the employee creates a good, long term, working relationship. Under my guidance, 100% of my upper management worked for me more than 15 years. I offer inventory control, product rotation combined with budget analysis and compliance to maintain a profitable business. I continually work to streamline operations, maintain proper inventory levels and expand sales ideas has become a necessity in budget control.

As owner and operations manager of BBQ Warehouse, a full service restaurant for 17 years; I expanded my experience in my family’s catering business that operated for more than 20 years. Customer service to the smallest detail was my restaurant motto. My duties consisted of maintaining records, filing all government paperwork, booking entertainment and ordering inventory from the different food and beverage suppliers. Monitored compliance with safety, sanitation and food preparation standards was our highest priority. All TV, radio and print advertising was produced and edited by myself with the help of the different media companies. Ninety percent (90%) of my employees worked in the restaurant more than 10 years showing a willingness to work together where I created a desired working environment.

Robert W. McNabney
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As owner and operations manager of Santa Sarita Import & Export Warehouse for more than 20 years; my daily duties were to maintain daily operations for shipments to and from Mexico. Santa Sarita started as an importer of products from Mexico. The company imported 32 items for distribution in the US market to large retailers as Wal-Mart and Sams to local mom and pop stores. While leasing warehouse space, the company needs grew to it becoming feasible to purchase its own warehouse facility. With a new warehouse facility located in Weslaco, we began subleasing extra areas of the warehouse to other companies needing warehouse space. The warehouse handled approximately 30,000 truckloads of products; which were sorted, stored and transferred to major manufacturing plants in Mexico. I developed all record keeping systems within the warehouse. I had to deal with customers shipping the product, US/Mexico Customs paperwork and the end customer receiving the product. Our company motto was to be an extension of every warehouse customer. Our speciality was when a shipment had a problem, a priority was placed on the problem until the product was shipped. The company employed 810 employees locally at one time. Our customers knew we were there 24/7.

My mature and diverse management experience offers an employer a wide range of employment considerations. My deepest area of education has been the “School of Hard Knocks.” I have made many mistakes but I have also learned from each mistake. Problem solving is a necessity in daily business operations. My many years of volunteering and serving with different organizations gave me the opportunity to work with diverse operating structures. I always go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only volunteering my time, I usually worked long enough with the organizations to become President or Chairman in most cases. The two businesses (Santa Sarita Warehouse and BBQ Warehouse Restaurant) being located on the same property offered me the opportunity to move between both businesses and apply myself wherever needed at a moments notice. I enjoyed my work and I have a desire to continue it with an employer needing help in the business world today. A sign of the times requires that you not only “Think Outside The Box” but you also need to “Get Outside The Box” where you can see the real world. I offer an employer the comfort of knowing that when he or she goes home that the job will get completed, no matter what it takes. Most of all I want to work in a team environment.

Thank you in advance for considering my resume and I look forward to talking to you further if you feel I can contribute to your organization.

Robert W. McNabney

Robert W. McNabney

PO Box 14 Phone: 956.373.2980 Weslaco, Texas 78599 Email: Rwmcnabney@aol.com

Work Experience

Work Period 2011 To Present

Employed by BIGS Well Gauging Service as a gauger/pumper located in Edinburg, Texas. My daily duties consist of overseeing and managing 3 Oil and Gas Production sites in South Texas. Primary duties are well monitoring, oil, gas and salt water separation. Once the oil and gas are at the central production facility and product separation had taken place; I transfer the gas to the main gas transmission line. I also order and monitor oil transferred to the fuel depot for processing. Final transfer of all salt water to a disposal site. Duties also consist of recording daily production, monitor equipment and repair or replace any damaged equipment at all 3 central production facilities.

Work Period 2009 To 2011

Owner of AB Muncheez, a company consisting of myself and my 18 year old daughter. We have a mobile trailer (10 X 20) where we work at local festivals selling Caramel Popcorn and Cotton Candy.
I am teaching my daughter the meaning of a good education and what it takes to make a dollar in this economy. We work perhaps 1-3 events a year.

Work Period 2007 To 2011

Sold my two business to STC College located next door to my property and took time off to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Work Period 1987 To 2007

Industrial Warehouse Owner & Operations Manager

I was the owner and operations manager of Santa Sarita Import & Export Warehouse In Weslaco. The warehouse primarily handled paper goods, food items and electronics shipped in railcars and trucks bound to and from Mexico. Daily duties entailed monitoring unloading, warehouse storage assignments and loading of products. Our services also required sorting or repairing damaged shipments. Our biggest customer was Pace Picante Sauce over a 3 year period. Every jalapeno that was used in Pace Picante Sauce for 2 years was sorted, graded, stored and shipped using our warehouse services.

Resume of Robert W. McNabney
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Other responsibilities of mine consisted of the following.

* Hiring Employees * Payroll
* Customer Service * Inventory Control
* Accounts Payable & Receivables * Customer Deliveries
* Welder /Cutting Torch Operator * Budgeting/P&L Statements
* Forklift Operator Up To 8,000 lbs. * Maintained Inventory Records
* US/Mexico Customs Compliance * Safety, Maintenance & Repairs
* Handled Fresh Fruits and Vegetables * Certified US Labor Crew Foreman

Work Period 1990 To 2007

Restaurant Owner & Operations Manager

I was the owner and operations manager of BBQ Warehouse restaurant in Weslaco. I operated a full service dine-in restaurant for up to 155 customers and a drive thru window. Our menu consisted of
BBQ, Seafood, Mexican and Cajan foods during the 17 years of operations. I supervised all facets of operations including food development, quality control and item presentation. The restaurant had a
food cost loss of less than $50.00 per week. This translated to almost eliminating waste. Developed an
in-house faxing system of weekly promotions being faxed to over 700 businesses in the mid valley area.

Other Areas Of Performance & Supervision:

* Hiring Employees * Record Keeping
* Inventory Control * Vendor Management
* Guess Relations * In-house Pest Control
* Waiter, Cook to Dishwasher * Budget Control & Payroll
* Cross Training Of Employees * Advertising & Promotions
* Motivational Team Leadership * Safety and Sanitation Compliance
* Accounts Payable & Receivable * Developed In-House Menu Design
* Plumbing and Limited Electrical * Insured Customer Dining Memories
* Equipment Maintenance & Repairs * Development Of Signature Items

Restaurant Awards:

1. Voted Best BBQ Restaurant In The Mid-Valley Area (Multiple Times)
2. Recipient of Ryan Wolf’s, Channel 4 “Food For Thought Sticker”
3. Listed in Texas Monthly as Great BBQ at a reasonable price
4. The Monitor Newspaper 3 ½ Star of 4 Star Restaurant

Resume Of Robert W. McNabney
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Attended: Texas A & I University/Kingsville
Pan American University/Edinburg
Graduated: Weslaco High School (1972)
Continued Education: Texas Employment Commission/Employers Seminars (2)
Alsbury & Associates – Human Resources Basics Program
Texas Food Handlers Education Program
City Of Alamo Food Handlers Education Program
South Texas School of Bartending – Mixology Course
TABC Training Course (3)
Adult Education Course In Computer Maintenance
Computer Skill In Quick Books ,Word Perfect & Maintenance

Current License Holder

* Food Handlers * Concealed Handgun

Major Accomplishments

* Boy Scouts of America – Eagle Scout * Archery Instructor
* Boy Scouts of America National Staff -Philmont * Certified Lifeguard
* H & R Block Income Tax Preparer * Certified Scuba Diver
* Certified CPR Course

Volunteer Work

Weslaco Chamber of Commerce – Board Member 5 years – President/CEO And
Board Member Of The Year
Weslaco Chamber of Commerce – Red Coat Ambassador
Advertising Committee – Member 3 years – Chairman
Weslaco Jaycees – Member 7 years – Board Member 5 years – President/CEO And
Jaycee Of The Year
Weslaco 2000 Air Show Executive Board Member
City of Weslaco – Parks & Recreation – Board Member 4 years – Chairman
Industrial Relations Committee Member – 2 years
Weslaco Birthday Committee 50th/Office Volunteer – 75th/Executive Board
Weslaco Humane Society/Owner – Member 5 years – President
South Texas Music Festival – Member 7 years – Vice President
Fund-Raising – Dare Program of Weslaco – Driscoll Children’s Hospital – Easter Seals
MDA – Boy & Girls Club of Weslaco – Weslaco Humane Society
Weslaco Onion Festival – Girl Scouts of America
Resume of Robert W. McNabney
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Other Work Experience:

* Labor Crew Foreman/Seed Company * Lab Technician/Quality Control

Oil Field Experience:

1975 To 1981

Field Drilling Company:
Roughneck on a drilling rig in the South Texas area. Worked in the following positions

1. Floor Hand
2. Motor Man: Primary duties were maintain all motors on location
3. Derrick Man: Primary duties were monitor the drilling fluid and mixing of all daily chemicals added to the drilling fluid
4. Started breaking out as a driller.

1981 To 1988

NL Baroid:

Senior Sales Engineer: Maintained drilling fluid on all assigned drilling locations. Worked in all areas South of San Antonio. Located in the South Texas area 7 of the 8 years with NL Baroid.

Attended NL Baroid Drilling Fluids School and completed Mud Engineer Certification
Attended NL Baroid Well Control School (Blow Out School) Twice
The majority of work was performed for the following oil companies:
Shell Oil Company, Forest Oil Company, Corpus Christi Oil & Gas, Movac Mud Services along with perhaps 50 other companies needing mud engineer services.
Immediate supervisors were Don Pemelton, Bill Slaughter and Rick Kidd/Co-Worker Larry Rayl
My last supervisor with NL Baroid was Don Pemelton and he can be reached at 956-607-9333 for a reference.
Additional reference – John Pemelton (Drilling Consultant) at 956-802-4811
Work Experience with multiple drilling fluids including water and oil base systems to 18,400 feet.
NL Baroid also used my location to test new deep well chemicals before going on the market which required around the clock monitoring and testing to determine the chemical performance.
I was also the NL Baroid/Edinburg, Texas yard safety manager. I always enjoyed working in the oilfield and the day to day challenges it offers; that is why I came back after all these years.

Age 58 years old
Health – Good
Currently Living On Delta Lake – 18 Miles North Of Weslaco, Texas – Will Relocate

Regions of the world you have worked: South Texas

Resume: 4 Years of Roughnecking
8 Years of Mud Engineering with Water and Oil Base Muds
Well Experence to 18,400 feet