Familiar Technologies: drilling & work over

Regions of the world you have worked: Egypt & saudi arabia




     2000 – 2005:    CairoUniversity

Faculty of Engineering

Mining, petroleum and metallurgical department

Petroleum Engineering Division

           Cumulative Grade:                            Good [ 69.49 % ]

 Graduation Project Subject:            Western desert- ( Bed-1 Oil field )

 Graduation Project Degree:            Very Good



Main subject included

A-    In field of Drilling:

Drilling Engineering, Oil well Drilling Engineering.

B-     In field of Production:

Petroleum Production Engineering, Well testing.

C-    In field of Reservoir:

     Reservoir  Fluid and Rock  Properties, Reservoir Engineering and Enhanced Methods,

Reservoir Simulation.

Summer Training

  • August, 2002: training course at Petro Gulf Company.


  • July, 2003: training  course at Qarun Petroleum Company.


  • July, 2004: training course at  Suez Oil Company.


  • August, 2004: training course at Belayim Petroleum Company.

Practical experience

  • From Dec, 2006 till May, 2007:

Roust About  at Weather Ford Drilling Company.

  • From May, 2007 till April, 2009:                                                                                                                                                       Mud Logger at Baker Hughes Inteq E.H.O.Ltd company.
  • From April, 2010 till July, 2010:                                                                                                                                                           Mud Logger Trainee at ECS company
  • From July, 2010 till Feb, 2011:                                                                                                                                                           Mud Engineer (Salt pill) at Energy company.
  • From Feb, 2011 till Now :                                                                                                                                                      Mud Engineer at OES company (Saudi Arabia).



Experience gained from working Mud Engineer at OES Company


1-      Work over rigs ( Horizontal drilling, Work over cleaning& Completion ).

2-      Killing Successfully the firing well (ANDR-30).


Drilling fluid Courses

1-      Successfully completed and attained the required grade for the drilling fluid engineering course at         petroleum skills company

2-        Introduction of drilling fluid engineering course at OES Company


Safty Courses

1-H2S Awareness and SCBA at Arabian Safety Training Centre

2-HASCOM course at ARAMCO Company


Experience gained from working Mud logger at Baker Hughes Inteq company


1-How to deal with client.

2-How to work under pressure.

3-How to be part of a team that operates from a sophisticated, self-contained

laboratory located at the rig site.

4-How to make complete rig up / down to sensors.

5-How to Caliberate sensors.

6-Describing and analyzing drilled cuttings in the required format ensuring that all

appropriate lithologies are checked for the presence of oil.

7-Detecting formation tops.

8-Completing daily field reports.

9-Maintaining a well database of geological, drilling and mud parameters.

10-How to follow formation gases.

11-How to calibrate gas system.

12-How to make final well report.

13-How to make systematic job.

Courses at Baker Hughes Company

 1-Oil Field Familiarization.

 2-RPI advantage system.

 3-HP ( FID ) Gas system.

Additional information


                Arabic:   Mother tongue.

                 English:  Good written and spoken.

Computer Skills:

  • Windows [ xp – winme – win98].
  • Microsoft office  [word – Excel –Power point].
  • Internet and net work.

English Courses:

1- General course (Level 8) from AmericanUniversity.

2- Toefl course (level 1) from AmericanUniversity.

Other Courses:

Attended the training event of Psychology of People.


Seeking for a good job opportunity in your respectful organization in away that you can use my efforts efficiently & effectively, and in the same time I can improve my experience in the field of petroleum engineering.