Familiar Technologies: mud logging experience 4 years
mud engineer experience 6 years
Microsoft Word, Internet,

Regions of the world you have worked: Gulf of Mexico
South Texas

Resume: CESAR VITIER HOME PHONE 210 – 384 – 2750
2607 PEBBLE DAWN CELL PHONE 210 – 415 – 4444
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78232 cesar.vitier@yahoo.com

1973 – 1976 NL BAROID Mud Logger , worked both on /off shore, deep wells in South
Texas, Freer, Zapata 6000 – 16,000 ft + also Bay City area and GOM
In 14 months promoted to crew chief, ran crew of 4 . Certified and worked in ADT ( Advanced Drilling Technology ) specialized units. Based out of Corpus Christi, Texas
Supervisor Tom Nance, Bay City Texas

1976 – 1981 NL BAROID Mud Engineer, experienced with wells both on / off shore GOM
Based in Corpus Christi, then Edinburg, Texas. Ran wells from
Corpus to Laredo with lots of deep well experience to include
Various directional drilling holes, Rio Grande Valley, wells in Zapata, Freer, up to 17,000, Corpus, plus many more.
Experienced with water based and oil based muds overseeing
Drilling fluids operations. Excelled in job always had repeat business.
Ran all wells in South Texas for ARCO for 3 1/2 years straight at
Operators request. Attended various internal specialized schools.
Supervisors Rick Kidd & Bill Slaughter , Corpus Christi,Texas

1982 – 1983 MONTELLO. INC Sales Consultant . Sales of specialty drilling fluids additives &
Borehole stabilizers. Took over territory covered ½ of Texas.
Increased sales revenues from $ 15 k /month to $ 100 k / month
In 6 months. In 12 months increased market share from .01 % to
40 % and increased new customer base by 500 %. I am a self starter
Very motivated able to work independently without the need for
Immediate supervision . Job was offered
Supervisor Allen Johnson, Tulsa Oklahoma.

1983 – 1987 US HOME CORP Sales Consultant. Worked my own division with minimal supervision.
When job was initiated sold out of large spec home inventory that
Previously could only sell by auction. Won numerous yearly sales awards / contests. Yearly placed in top 10 % of National Sales Force
Supervisor Gregg Hawes, San Antonio, Texas
1987 – 1989 STEPHENSON HOMES VP of Sales & Marketing. Designed and sold custom homes.
Construction supervisor for quality control had 10 % ownership
Job was offered
Supervisor Sid Stephenson, San Antonio, Texas

1989 – 1992 PARTNERS IN BUILDING VP of Sales & Marketing. Designer build and sold custom homes.
Top producer. Priced own jobs, Supervised construction on own sales.
Won numerous awards. Job was offered
Supervisor Gregg Hawes, San Antonio, Texas


1992 – 1995 BARCLAY CUSTOM HOMES VP of Sales & Marketing, partner in company, involved in all phases
Of construction, sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, warranty
Home design, scheduling , financing . Job was offered
Supervisor / partner Frank Kerno

1996 – 2010 CESAR’S DESIGNER HOMES Sole Proprietor. Ran my own custom home building company
Handled all phases of a construction business.
Build only pre sold custom homes Averaged 3 – 5 homes per year
Priced from $ 350 k on up. Yearly sales averaged $ 900- $ 1.3 million

2010 – 2011 SIERRA CLASSIC HOMES Sales Consultant design and sell custom homes, commissioned.
Had Top Sales volume in 2010 in company Hill Country Sales
Company released all sales personnel, scaling back in size
Supervisor Ron Chamberlain, New Braunfels , Texas





BAROID Internal Mud Logging School Lafayette, Louisiana 2 weeks 1973
BAROID ADT school Advanced Drilling Technology 1976
BAROID Drilling Fluids Technology ( Mud engineer School ) 4 weeks Houston Texas 1977
( Note : after 1 week was upgraded to teachers assistant to assist teaching the other students )

BAROID Well Control School ( Blowout School ) Certification 1978
BAROID Hydraulics School 1980

BAROID received yearly awards for Safe Driving 1973 – 1981

MONTELLO Internal Drilling Specialties Chemicals School

US HOME attended various internal training and motivational and sales seminars yearly by Tom Richie

Trinity University, San Antonio ,Texas took Real Estate Curriculum Core courses to attain a Texas Real Estate License
Licensed 1985 Texas Real Estate License

Texas A & I University Kingsville, Texas

SPECIAL NOTE : have logged over 1.7 million safe driving miles