Familiar Technologies: 1. Encountered different down hole problems such as Mud losses, sticky clay, fluid lost control test
2. Rheology of drilling fluids by fann VG meter.
3. Drilled one well with Under Balanced Mud (UBM) to reduce losses and to see the improvement
in ROP (rate of penetration).
4 Salanity test, MBC test, PHPA estimation test
5. KLC estimation test, Carbonate and BI carbonate estimation test.
6. NaCl and CaCl2 brines were prepared for completion jobs.
7. Monitoring, supervising ,preparing day to day well/ mud operation and implementing the same.
8. Testing of mud samples for all parameters twice a day.
9. Submitting daily operational report including hydraulic mud parameter, Received and
Consumption of mud chemicals, Volume of mud prepared and consume.
10. Reporting of solids equipment status.

Regions of the world you have worked: India

Resume: properties periodically and reports properties in Daily Mud Report, Handling all mud treatment and ensure proper use and maintenance of solids control equipment.
Estimates the mud materials and chemicals required for drilling each phase. Includes estimating tonnage per material, per well and recommends estimates for ordering from stores
Ensures adequate stock of mud chemicals are available in the rig, Forecast material requirements, Ensure that an adequate rig site chemical inventory and an accurate record of supply and consumption is maintained and reported properly
Performs other related duties such as discussing mud related problems with the MUD ADVISOR and the DS on the rig.
Performs field supervision on the mud system in use ensuring its compliance to the approved program and provide a complete, accurate and informative Daily Drilling Fluid Report
Responsible to ensure that all equipments supplied for the project at the well site – i.e. Testing Equipment, Compressors, Mud Pumps, Bulk Silos, Mixing Tanks,… etc are properly maintained and handled.
Understands HSE norms, procedures, policy, regulations with relation to his area of responsibility. Ensures work is performed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Also he would have responsibility for implementing specific safety management systems.
Initiates and recommends the proper and efficient mud