Familiar Technologies: mud logging, laboratory management

Regions of the world you have worked: North Texas, West Texas, Eastern New Mexico

Resume: I recently entered the petroleum exploration and production business as a Mud Logger, working 28/14 schedule.

I have seen firsthand, the impact proper drilling fluid management can have on drilling efficiency. I have seen drillers use weight trying to increase ROP usually resulting in a trip for bit. I have also seen drastically improved drilling efficiency when the mud engineer is actively involved and works with the drill crew by modifying the mud viscosity and or density to compensate for changes in down hole conditions.

I have seen drilling through a microscope, so I am familiar with most lost circulation material used in North and West Texas. I have worked wells for EOG, Chevron, and several smaller exploration companies. I believe I could become a valuable asset as a Drilling Fluids Engineer. I am confident, I require no supervision, and can remain calm in stressful situations.

I have wanted to work in this industry for several years however, this is the first time that I can work the schedule. As you will see I have experience in several areas. My time working in a lubricant compounding facility gives me practical experience with most of the testing performed by mud engineers. I understand elastohydrodynamic lubrication and the thixoptopic nature of drilling fluids. There is nothing that I can’t do.

I took an extended leave of absence from my career as a chemist/technical services manager in 2002 because of my father’s health. I am sad to say my dad died in May 2009 so I am no longer needed in El Dorado and I would like to return to my career.

I traveled overseas as a college student so I am familiar with culture shock and isolation. My dad worked for ARAMCO when I was in college so I spent time in the ARAMCO compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. While there, I had an opportunity to work in the RasTanura refinery lab.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I am available for a phone or video interview at your convenience and can start to work immediately. Please call me if you feel there is an opportunity for me in your operation.