Regions of the world you have worked: AFRICA/SUB SAHARA AFRICA


• To contribute to the corporate mission and growth of business organizations by deploying my skills as a Scientist and Geologist/Geophysicist to this end; and ready to accept responsibilities in other areas of organizational management. The desire to create value and “see what others cannot see”.

• DATE: 2008 to Present.
• EMPLOYER: WeatherfordSLS, as International Assignee
• POSITION: Mud Logging Geologist
• Providing Geological input into well proposals and field development plans.
• Providing technical/operational advice while drilling and maintaining up-to-date well progress data, subsurface maps and general Geological information.
• Carrying out geological work required for the timely execution of designated projects in an efficient manner, according to agreed technical specifications and standards.
• Ensuring efficiency and cost control by providing the Client Company with detailed record of Geology, Oil, and Gas shows.
• Supervision of formation cuttings/gas samples from the proper lagged depth and appropriate interval
• Examination and description of samples for hydrocarbon shows as per oil Industry standard and Client’s specifications
• Monitoring of gas and drilling parameters such as C1 – iC5, H2S, ROP, RPM, WOB, Hk Ht, SPP, Pits, etc
• Assisting in well test operations, core recovery and description when needed
• Ensuring the creation of accurate and comprehensive Master Log (Lithology, Pressure, Gas, and Drilling parameter Logs) according to the company’s format and Client’s specification for complete Final Well Report.
• Regular and frequent maintenance and calibration checks of sensors, gas, and other field equipments
• Primarily assisting in efficient completion of exploration and development wells for Oil and Gas
• Annotating daily instrument chats clearly and correctly, and organizing them for later use.
• Assisting the Well Site Geologist, mentoring and coaching less experienced Mud logging Geologists

• DATE: 2005 – 2008
• EMPLOYER: Geoservices Nigeria.
• POSITION: Mud Logging Geologist
• DUTIES: As Above

• DATE: 2003 – 2006
• EMPLOYER: Data Dig Systems, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
• POSITION: Project Supervisor
• General data generation from sources such as maps, fields, desktop, Internet, Local and International journals.
• Establishing Geological/Geophysical models based on iteration of Geological/Geophysical data using appropriate software
• Vertical Electrical Sounding data generation/Interpretation for water borehole using Schlumberger array, etc
• Utilizing broad multi-disciplinary skills in geology, geophysics and general scientific projects ranging from regional mapping to prospect evaluation and detailed programme.
• Assisting students on research and industrial training programmes

• M.SC. Applied Geophysics
• B.Sc Geosciences
• Dip. In Computer Operations

2009: Weatherford International (SLS): Vehicle Safety, General Safety, General Fire Protection and Emergency Response, Job Safety Analysis
2009: Helicopter Underwater Escape Training/Safety At Sea (HUET/SAS), Nigeria
2008: International Logging Inc.: Back Safety, Chemical Safety, Ergonomics, Incident Investigation, Confined Space Safety, Blood borne Pathogens.
2007: Full Mud logging Course, Port Gentil, Gabon
2007: Basic HSQE, Port Gentil, Gabon
2007: Helicopter Underwater Escape Training/Safety At Sea (HUET/SAS), Nigeria
2007: HSE Mgt Systems/Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Mgt Systems/ Hazard and Effects Mgt Process (HSEMS/OHSAS/HEMP), organized by
SPDC/Geoservices, Nigeria.