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Familiar Technologies: WBM, OBM, SBM, Fluid Construction, Solids Control Equipment, Clay chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Pore & Frac pressures, wellbore geometries, stroke and barrel calculations, Rheometer testing, MBT testing, HPHT testing, API filter testing, various titrations, Product functions, remediation of wellbore stability issues, Sweeps, Pills, Sugs, Spots, MDR, DKD, surge swab and other YP considerations, contaminant remediation, fluid analysis, treatment sheet formulation

Regions of the world you have worked: 20 successful years of people experience, but no location work

To carry my 25 years of Professional Services forward into the Drilling Fluids Engineering field. I will deliver Predictability, Success and Innovation using available fluids technology.
Driven to achieve.
Will relocate.

Drilling Fluids Engineering certificate of completion, DFE tech – Drilling Fluids Engineering School, Tyler, Texas. Graduated 8/23/2012 as Salutatorian.

Associate of Arts Cedar Valley College (1996), with math and physics understandings from
UTA, Arlington, Texas.

 Trained by experts in the field as a WBM/OBM Mud Engineer.
 Professional background includes 20 years of experience in customer-facing crisis and
situation handling for: BNSF, IBM, ARCO, BP, and more.
 Accustomed to balancing multiple issues in a production-oriented, critical environment.
 Earned many awards in my field including IBM’s Quality Service Excellence Award
(April/2012 for applying Best Of Breed methodologies).
 Computer skills include 40 – 100 products across Z/OS Mainframe/Mid-range/PC.

IBM, Dallas, Texas 12/1997 – 06/2012
Technical Specialist – Performed day-to-day operational practices and crisis escalations as
Team Lead. Worked closely with the customer and IBM senior Mgt. to provide solutions.
Wrote hundreds of pages of documentation across tens of clients and have lead numerous
process changes. Kicked off or participated in numerous projects.

FRAS & Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, Texas 09/1988 – 12/1997
Operator – Advanced through the Mainframe processes from Storage to Operations /
Scheduling implementing process improvements that are still in use today .
REFERENCES on request or see the uploaded resume.