Familiar Technologies: Gas Turbine engines, Turbo-Props, small diesel engines, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, fuel systems, oil systems, computers, internet

Regions of the world you have worked: North America, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq

Resume: Highly adaptable, resourceful, and trainable…

I am a former Marine Corps Aircraft Mechanic with experience in working on gas turbine engines, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic valves, and fuel systems. I have also recently just earned my BBA in General Business, graduating with Honors.

I am looking to earn a position as a mechanic in an offshore environment with a growing and reputable company. I have experience with working in numerious fast-paced, high-stress environments, which has helped me to develop a strong work-ethic that I think will be useful in an offshore environment. If given the opportunity, with a little guidance, I believe that I can become a valuable asset to your company.