Familiar Technologies: I know about wax, hidates, a bit of drilling fluids and a i have a good level about asphaltens

Regions of the world you have worked: Rio de Janeiro


Masters Degree – Dissertation: Influence of asphaltene subfractions About the Oil Stabilisation of Emulsions by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – 2011

Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Natural Universidade Federal Fluminense – 2010

Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro – 2008


Professional with experience in extractions of asphaltene asphaltic residue with different solvents; characterization of asphaltenes by FTIR, NMR, elemental analysis, X-rays; Preparation of emulsion-type model of water-in-oil dispersions of asphaltenes in water and saline Toluna , Determination of particle size distribution of dispersions of asphaltenes; break emulsions using copolymers; Determination of interfacial tension in white and with additives.

Extensive expertise in determining the average size and distribution of emulsion droplets in white and with additives.