Familiar Technologies: Oilfield Chemicals Sales Specialist

Regions of the world you have worked: Algeria and Tunisia

Resume: Dear Sir,

I am an Engineer in Chemical Engineering Speciality with 15 years experiences in sales of chemicals for oil & gas fields and for refineries of Tunisia and Algeria , such as : Pour Point Depressants, CFPP Additive, Corrosion Inhibitor, Emulsion Breaker, Biocide, Scale Inhibitor, Coagulant, Oxygen Scavenger, ….
I want to open a discussion with your Top Management about the possibility to be your Exclusive Sales Representative in all North Africa Countries. I am open for any serious proposal.
I have the necessary experiences , logistics and office in Tunis (Tunisia Capital) to can achieve with success this job.
I think that we can open together a new horizon in North Africa Countries with your good and completive products.
There is a new Tender of 60 tons CFPP for diesel carburant must be open in next April 2014. For this I have the necessary and decision contact to can reach this Tender, of course if your product will be competitive and efficient for this application in refinery.
Also I have a very large good contacts with many Decision Makers in Oil & Gas Fields and Refineries of Tunisia and Algeria. For your information Algeria produce around 1.2 Million OBPD of crude oil.
Algeria country consume approximately 40 Millions USD of chemicals per year in the oil & gas fields and refineries.
Waiting for your replay for more information in my private mail.