Familiar Technologies: Tech1: Oil base Muds
Tech2: Polymer Muds
Tech3: Salt Saturated systems
Tech4; high inhibitive Water Base mud systems

Regions of the world you have worked: West Africa region

Resume: Petroleum engineer/ Drilling fluids engineer

Work Experience:

➢ Drilling Fluids Engineer, M-I SWACO CONGO (Since16/01/2009).

• Well site fluids & logistics management
• Drilling fluids properties monitoring & maintenance.
• Drilling fluids related problems solving (Stuck pipe, loss circulations, bit balling, hole stability, hole cleaning, etc.)
• Drilling fluids Reporting (ONETRAX, WELL VIEW software)
• Drilling fluids program design and optimization (ONEPLAN software)

➢ Drilling Fluids Lab. Technician, M-I SWACO CONGO (27/08/2008 to 16/01/2009).
• Running drilling fluids tests
• Supplying drilling fluids lad equipments to field engineers.
• Running specifics drilling fluids tests during special drilling operations.


➢ Drilling fluids specialist certificate upon completion of basic mud school at MISWACO BANGKOK/ THAILAND training center. (2 months training courses)
➢ Integrated Fluids engineering certificates (Rig evaluation, fluids economics, Project Planning, Drilling technologies and waste management certificates) upon completion of IFE training at MISWACO BANGKOK/THAILAND training center. (5 weeks training)


➢ Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Petroleum and Gas Institute of Kinshasa.

• Oil and Gas wells Drilling operations optimization (rig selection, drilling fluids, drill bit and drill-string programs design, etc.)
• Integrated Fluids Engineering (Optimization of design, delivery and management of well site fluids by integrating MISWACO technologies)
• Production systems optimization (oil and gas wells completion, artificial lift and process type selection, design and performance optimization, etc.)
• Formation evaluation
• Reservoir engineering
• Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power-point, etc.)


➢ Excellence Award Basic mud School 2009.

Languages abilities:

➢ French (fluent)
➢ English (Advanced level)


Available upon request

I hereby certified that all the information above are true and can be verified.

Cedric Manzoleloua Ndongala