Familiar Technologies: GPRS,Survey,Mechanise

Regions of the world you have worked: Kaiyama,Boguma,Mbiama

responsible for the

•Negotiation with communities on contractual agreement and ensure that the relationship is most

cordial and mutually beneficial.

•Acquisition of job sites and collection of samples in order to assess the amount and quality of

materials, depth at which resources lie and the equipment needed to properly extract them.

•Sourcing/procurement of machinery/equipment and oversee the cost estimating and budgeting.

•To ensure that the machinery and equipment is safe and conforms to performance specifications

•Conduct engineering research in order to modify mining activities.

•Ensure adequate supply of materials and ensuring it meets with client’s specification.

•Assist personnel to solve operating problems.

•Educate personnel on the safest way to go about the job.

•Ensure that the mining and operation documents are maintained.

•Put in place environmental management system and ensure proper marketing/sales of the

Products to industry

•Ensure a safe and efficient transportation of goods and personnel.

•Ensure that the company’s policy is implemented, adhered, understood and communicated to all