Familiar Technologies: Lithium Ion Batteries, Electrode formulation, Research and Development, Formulation Design, Coin Cell Prototypes, Corrosion Testing, Alloys Testing, Materials Testing, Inhibitor Effectiveness Testing, Quality Assurance, Computation Chemistry, dilutions, extractions, titrations, distillations, X-Ray Diffraction, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), Gas Chromatography, Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC), Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry (UV-Vis), Infrared Spectroscopy (IR), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR)

Production Chemical Jobs – Work Remote

Regions of the world you have worked: Houston, Stafford, Sugar Land, Texas

Resume: Lithium-Ion Battery Chemist
Big Delta Systems; March 2017 – Sept. 2017

Chemist performing research and development on Lithium Ion Battery prototypes. Developed coin cell and pouch cell batteries and formulations while working under the supervision of chemical engineers and scientists.
• Optimizing slurry processing and formulations based on feedback from battery scientists
• Maintaining records for formulations, data, maintenance, and troubleshooting activities
• Input and present data to a team of scientists and engineers
• Weighing, mixing, measuring, and characterizing battery material, powders, and slurries
• Pre-processing of battery materials, powders, solvents, binders, and conductive additives
• Daily physical analysis of mixtures/slurry using a Viscometer and Hegman Gauge Test
• Produce anode and cathode electrode coatings via Doctor Blade
• Punch and characterize electrodes and separators for pouch cell and coin cell assembly
• Input data in a timely matter to analyze quality of electrodes punch area density, porosity, and average electrode thickness.
• Build large quantities of coin cell and pouch cell batteries
• Weekly Ion Milling sample preparation
• Perform regular maintenance of the lab and the equipment
• Daily use of Equipment / Techniques: Viscometer, High Speed Vacuum (HSV) Mixers, Hegman Gauge, Doctor Blade, Calender, Scale, Glove Box, Coin Cell Crimping Machine, Compressors, Water Baths, Vacuum Pumps, Coin Cell Battery Disc Cutter Machine, Battery Tab Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Drying Ovens, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Grinding Polisher Machine, Ion Milling Sample Preparation.

Life Science Sales Representative
Sycamore Life Sciences, LLC; June 2016 – Feb 2017

Life Science sales representative who focused on building a sales territory in Houston’s academic, research, and pharmaceutical industries by converting business on laboratory equipment and consumables.
• Understand the company’s portfolio and have an in-depth knowledge of competitors
• Created a sales strategy to drive sales and grow a customer base within Houston Medical Center
• High level understanding of sales process – pre-call planning, account prioritization, relationship development, and closing skills for continued revenue growth
• Weekly team presentations regarding my weekly sales, territory reviews, customer reviews, and literature
• Planned the sales teams yearly calendars for advertising, biotechnology conventions, and product show
• Utilize a consultative selling approach on all calls.
• Give on-site sales presentations to existing and potential customers.
• Lead Host for the Sales Team product shows, life science vendor shows, product demonstrations, and educational seminars
• Designed marketing literature, a product catalog, flyers regarding advertising or discounts, product literature, and quotes
• Constructed a Territory of clients in the Houston including the University of Houston, Rice University, Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Feigen, TX Children’s, MD Anderson, UT Health Science Center, and various other Texas Medical Center affiliates.

Undergraduate Research Assistant
University of Houston, Chemistry Department, The Wu Lab
Computation Physical Organic Chemistry; Oct 2015 – June 2016

As a member of the computational chemistry research group, the Wu Lab, our research relied upon physical organic chemistry concepts. The group focused on applying computational quantum chemistry concepts to hydrogen bonded molecules to understand structure-property relationships of hydrogen bond mediated catalyses, self-assembly, and molecular recognition processes. I researched the hydrogen bond interactions of DNA nucleobase pairs Adenine-Thymine and Cytosine-Guanine. Computations included but are not limited to bond lengths, optimizing DNA base pairs, and calculating the hydrogen bonded interaction energies, resonance energies, NICS(ZZ), and BLW.
• Perform and interpret statistical analysis of large datasets
• Create visual representations of reaction pathways, molecular interactions, or other phenomena
• Apply new software and hardware capabilities for data collection and analysis
• Author of a Research Publication in the process of review with J.A.C.S.

Corrosion Laboratory Technician
SET Laboratories, Inc.; May 2015 – Aug 2015

As a summer Laboratory Technician Intern, I gained experience in the petrochemical laboratory by participating in dynamic corrosion testing.
• Prepared reagents and other chemical concentrations
• Received samples, prepared for testing, analyzed, collected data, and returned samples to customers
• Collected, compiled, organized and presented data to product support and development teams
• Performed and presented data for corrosion inhibitor effectiveness tests by hydrochloric acidic cleaning
• Analyzed metals after autoclave testing for cracking resistance, surface damage, and erosion
• Maintained records for samples received/returned, solution preparation, equipment maintenance, analytical data, testing procedures, SOP’s, testing results, and troubleshooting
• Repaired, set up, and calibrated instrumentation, equipment, and autoclaves
• Laboratory autoclave corrosion testing of metals at high-temperatures and high-pressures.
• Handled and proper usage of inhibited oilfield acids
• Laboratory include advanced high-temperature and high-pressure autoclaves, flow loops, rotating cages, impingement jet and specialized equipment suitable for most types of corrosion testing.