Familiar Technologies: WBM, OBM , KBM, HPHT, directional and horizontal drilling

Regions of the world you have worked: Haynesville Shale, Eagleford Shale, Texas Gulf Coast and East Texas

7 years experience in drilling fluids including well site logistical planning and implementation and over 7 years experience in the environmental remediation field.  Expertise in drilling fluids, solid waste management, transportation coordination, construction oversight, groundwater sampling and coordination between operating and service companies.  Excels in management and coordination, multi-tasking, with great attention to detail, contractor-client relations and the ability to get things done.




  • Drilling Fluids Rep.- Lead well site engineer- Formulated water and oil based drilling fluids up to 19.4 ppg on-site for the successful completion of oil and gas wells. Extensive experience along the gulf coast area from Brownsville, TX to Centerville, TX. Experienced in lignosulfonate, potassium based, XCD polymer mud, neutral pH fluids, high concentration LCM oil and water-based fluids for high loss circulation zones as well as tight and relaxed filtrate fluids. I have set up and run closed loop systems, centrifuge, and cuttings dryers and managed all aspects of the cuttings disposal.
  • Formations –  Eagleford Shale, Haynesville Shale, Buda, Pearsall, Olmos.
  • Special Drilling Problems– Experienced in under balanced drilling with third party choke, stuck pipe, torque/drag, high deviation torque, sloughing and popping shale, caving hole, gas flow, fishing, lost circulation, carbonate/bicarbonate, and anhydrite contamination, fractured formations -total loss circulation, H2S gas, bit/stab balling. HTHP wells. Gas and saltwater kicks. Drilling with casing. Experience in completion of mud reports, SARA Title III, well recaps and interval discussions.

Companies worked for: Blackbrush O&G, Dan A. Hughes, Plains Exploratoin, Newfield Exploration, Chesapeake, Rosetta, Burk Royalty, Santana, Patterson UTI, Apache, Crimson and Eagle.

Company men worked with:  Harold Schlinke, Blondie Garrett, David Deation, Bill Wright, Clyde Huval, John Savage Jr, James VanDerLinden, Charles Fox, Jack Lowe, Bob Orr and Walter Locke. I can provide additional names as needed.

  • Solid Waste Coordinator – Provided annual RCRA training to refinery employees.  Developed Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Plan.  Completed Annual Waste Summary using STEERS.  Sampled and profiled refinery waste streams for disposal facilities.  Performed economic and logistical evaluation of transportation and disposal options for client.  Coordination of transportation and disposal of all waste.  Prepared job cost summaries for disposal and environmental maintenance projects, (tank cleaning, catalyst change out, centrifuge project consisting of hard pipe installation, centrifuge projects, etc.).  Managed centrifuge project consisting of hard pipe installation, centrifuge setup, dewatering and disposal. Project Duration- 1 year
  • Emergency Response Coordinator – Responsible for initial response management including procurement of materials to successfully mitigate, control and remediate all waste streams through the end of the project. Project Cost – $750,000
  • Field Project / Safety Manger – Responsible for direct management of contractor’s construction activities including soil remediation and stabilization, tree removal and protection, clay cap construction and geo-technical testing.  Provided environmental sampling and analytical QA/QC. Project Cost – $2.5M
  • Field Project / Safety Manger – Direct management of treatment, sampling, profiling, transportation and disposal of lead, hydrocarbon and ACM waste.  Sampled and managed 2.5 million gallons of storm water runoff. Project Cost – $1.5M
  • Project Manager – Construction management for stabilization of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of oil sludge.  Responsible for coordination with Owner and Contractor, stabilization of sludge, excavation and relocation of contaminated soils and sludge, backfill and clay cap construction, and construction testing. Project Cost $500,000