Familiar Technologies: I’m working on the offshore rigs and have more experiences for mud systems using in South Pars Gas Field (WBM) which are
Guar Gum and Pre-Hydrated Gel Sweep Pills, KCL/Polymer/Glycol/ Radiagreen EME, Flo-Pro, KCL/Polymer/Salt-Saturated systems, and CaCl2-Brine system (for Completion).
I’m mastery in drilling, completion and work over fluid engineering, including the design of mud programs, well bore stability, well hydraulics and well control with well-understanding of geology. Understanding of all chemicals/ physicals aspects of WBM, OBM and completion/work-over fluids (particularly corrosion process). Experience with H2S well designs and safety process. Experience with Oil Base Mud (OBM-Versadrill) system in Dorood Oil Field.

Regions of the world you have worked: South Pars Largest Gas Filed-Iran
Dorood Oil Field-Iran

Resume: Dear Sir or Madam;

I am seeking an active and challenging position in a world-class organization, where I can utilize my educational knowledge along with my long time work experience to the best of my ability.

I enjoy very good health. I am energetic, resourceful, reliable and hard working. I enjoy challenges and I am a quick learner.

I am being a responsible, open – minded and get – along – well with other persons. I will please my work environment by firm dedication and loyalty towards my job, colleagues and superiors. I am quite confident that my enthusiasm towards my assigned tasks and duties will soon prove my abilities.

I am specialty familiar with many details of Geology studies toward to Petroleum. I experienced professional in Drilling Fluids engineering.

I am fluent in English language (both written and spoken).

Attached resume gives details of my academic and professional background, if I can provide any other information and references, I shall be glad to do so.

I have around 5 year’s experiences from MI Company as a “Senior Drilling Fluid Engineer” including OBM, WBM and completion fluids since Oct. 2007 until present.

I have more than 4 year’s experiences from Halliburton Company as a “Mud Logger” since Nov. 2002 until Jan 2007.

I am available for an interview and can join to work after 1 month.

Sincerely yours,

Sasan Salehi Rad