Familiar Technologies: Versaclean SOBM,KCl/Polymer,Non-dispersed Polymer,Kla-Shield System WBM,Lime Lignosulphonate WBM,Lignite Lignosulphonate, WBM, Work-over and
Completion Fluids, Well-bore Displacement (Spacers, RDF, Completion Brines),LCM Systems (granular graded and fibrous),Weighted and Un-weighted Systems (Barite and Ferrox),Open and Closed Loop Centrifugal System (solids Control),Petrofree, Encore, Onetrax and ECCP software, Wellsight and DFG software.

Regions of the world you have worked: Trinidad,Barbados

Resume: I have 10 years oilfield experience with 3 years as a Driller and 7 years in drilling fluids and waste management. I have held positions such as DFE, CFE, Lead DFE/CFE, Liquid Plant Supervisor and Warehouse Supervisor. My experience includes most types of drilling fluids (OBM, WBM, SBM, RDF and completion fluids) with Drilling fluid leaders MI-SWACO and BAROID.

Waste management experience includes all phases of solids control, water treatment, and environmental regulations. I am computer literate, familiar with most drilling/fluids engineering programs, and fluent in English.


2011 – 2012 Worked as the Senior Total Fluids Management Engineer (SOBM) for EOG Resources, SINOPEC, NIKO Resources and Bayfield Energy. Duties include recommending calculated MUD conditions, hydraulics, spotting pills and spacers necessary to achieve well objectives, recaps with recommendations for improvements, and daily operations meetings to minimize potential drilling problems/waste management on their East coast Galeota Project operations.

2010-2011 Worked as the Senior Completion Fluids Engineer for Trinmar and Petrotrin LNE. Duties include recommending calculated brine conditions and spacers necessary to achieve well objectives, recaps with recommendations for improvements, and daily operations meetings to minimize potential Workover problems/waste management on their East, Main, North and South West Soldado Block Workover operations.

2009 MI Drilling Fluids Engineer for Barbados National Oil.
Duties include critiquing fluids programs, recommending hydraulics necessary to achieve well objectives, recaps with recommendations for improvements, and daily operations meetings onsite to minimize potential drilling problems.
This was a successful project executed with a MMO Thixotropic Fluid to minimize loss circulation and fluid loss while enhancing hole cleaning with slower pump rates.

2009 MI Drilling Fluids Liquid Mud Plant Supervisor and Shore Base Coordinator
Duties included mixing and loading of mud, brine, spacers and chemicals according to HSE regulations at the BGTT shore base and BPTT on a timely manner. Liaison with BG shore base/BPTT and MI Project Engineer to effectively execute product mobility and HR management. Participation in quarterly audit exercises including ISO audits. Laboratory testing of returned fluids and pilot testing.

2005-2011 MI Drilling Fluids Engineer/Lead
Worked with various operators including BGTT, Petrotrin, Trinmar (offshore), Trinidad Exploration and Development LTD, Primera Oil and Gas and Ten Degrees North LTD. Duties include rig site IFE inspection, mixing and troubleshooting of drilling fluids onsite, logistics of DF chemicals and equipment. Recommendations for improvement and daily operations onsite meetings. Responsibilities also include the maximum utilization of drilling and hydraulics programs to maximize the efficiency of the drilling fluid program and recommend changes if any. Provide recaps within one week of the completed well with lessons learnt.

2003-2005 Well Services Drilling Co., Driller
Worked on both land and jack up. Responsible for the supervision of the rig floor crew and the safe execution of drilling and Workover operations as per operators’ programme. Responsible for the maintenance of rig equipment and conducting rig floor/rig drills as per HSE requirements. Responsible for accurate daily reporting of operational activities.


2006 – MI SWACO/Houston, Diploma, Drilling Fluids Engineering
2003 – Technical Training College, Technical Diploma, Geology and Petroleum Production (3 yr. coursework)
2004 – OGCI/Houston, Certificate, Petroleum Engineering Practices
2003 – Technical Training College, Certificate, Drilling Applications
2003 – Technical Training College, Certificate, Petroleum Production
1995 – Couva Government Secondary, Caribbean Examination Certificate (CXC)


Recently medically fit
Well Control, Surface and Subsea, Supervisors Level
TBOSIET, Offshore Survival
Seamanship IV
Drilling and Completion Fluids


QHSE Pesticide/Biocide Awareness Deepwater Displacements
Deepwater Dual Gradient Deepwater Managed Pressure Drilling
Deepwater Overburden and Fracture Gradient Deepwater Shallow Gas Hazards
Workshop Safety Level 1 Basic Downhole Configurations
Downhole Completion Accessories Lift Methods
Abnormal Pressure Environments IFE DWM Basic Equipment
QHSE Backs: Elements of Back Care Safety and Substance Abuse
Deepwater Barite Sag and Hole Cleaning Deepwater Filtration
Deepwater Low Temperature Rheology Deepwater Subsalt Drilling
Deepwater Subsea Well Control Procedures Artificial Lift Equipment
General Design Criteria Packers
Subsea Completions Tubular
Wellhead Equipment Borehole Instability
Directional Drilling Tools and Techniques IFE Centrifuge: Principles of Operation
Extended Hours Employee Training: HSE QHSE MIO Culture
QHSE MIO E5 Risk Management Fire Extinguishers
QHSE Bloodborne Pathogens Deepwater Ballooning
Deepwater Casing Operations Deepwater Riserless Drilling Process
Fire Prevention Safety Completion Productivity
Bottomhole Assembly Tools Cement Plugs
Cement Testing Procedures Directional Drilling: The Driving Force in Geosteering
IFE Basic Concepts IFE Centrifugal Pumps
Welcome to Oilfield Screens IFE Fluid Volumes
QHSE Cold Weather Safety DWM Cuttings & Waste Collection / Transport Systems
IFE Centrifugal Pumps DriveSMARRT
Deepwater Cementing Without Returns Deepwater Certification
Deepwater Completion Types Animal Vehicle Collisions
Completion Planning Subsurface Safety Valves (SSSVs)

Proprietary Industry Software literacy




Fluent in English
Some Spanish


Upon request